How To Fold a Napkin into a Heart

Its Valentine's Day or your anniversary and you want to prepare something special for your girlfriend. You don't exactly have the budget to afford to take her to a fancy restaurant, so you decide to cook dinner for her. Of course, you'll want to pull out all the stops for your girlfriend and so you decide to go with a hearts theme for your dinner. You arrange the table and put red roses in the centre. You buy heart-shaped balloons and put them all around the dining room. Now you've got your food ready and set. But you want to spruce up you design a bit to make it feel more like Valentine's Day yet with the appeal of a fine dining restaurant. But what can you do to make the dinner that much more amazing?

One way you can do this is to fold your table napkins into a heart shape. Having a heart-shaped napkin will show you much you care for your girlfriend. It will show that you have planned every little detail of this dinner and it doesn't matter if you don't have the budget, you still found a way to make day special for her.

Remember to prepare clean, white, square napkins. Or if you really want a Valentine's Day feel, go with red colored napkins for dinner. The first step would be to take your napkins and iron them flat. A napkin with wrinkles is not very pleasing to the eyes. Now you fold the napkin crosswise. This means you fold the napkin in half horizontally, not vertically. Next, you have to the napkin in half again; the same way you folded the napkin previously. In effect you have reduced the napkin to one fourth its original size. Now you have a napkin shaped like a long rectangle.

The next step would be to fold the right hand side of the napkin up. The two folds should be parallel to each other. Repeat the same step for the left hand side of the napkin. Keep in mind the corner tips should meet in the middle of the design. Now fold the inner corners of the flaps beneath the napkin. This should give you a "V" like shape; which almost looks like a heart.

Finally, fold the outer corners of the flaps beneath the napkin; this should give you the heart shaped design that you have desired. If you ever make a mistake, remember to go back step by step; the process of making this fold is fairly easy to go back on.

Now put whatever it is you are going to put on top of the napkin (wine glass, eating utensils, roses, gifts, etc). This little piece of napkin origami will surely add a creative flair to whatever dinner arrangements you have conceived. Always remember that putting in little personal touches will make your dinner with your special someone that much more special and memorable. Remember, there are a lot more napkin fold designs out there; make your girlfriend feel special every time you prepare dinner for her.


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