How To Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk

Think there is nothing "egg-citing" about eggs anymore? Tired of the usual sunny-side up or scrambled eggs served neatly before you during breakfast? Have you ever given thought to give life to the usual remark, "It's so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk!"? Is it really possible?

Provided there are proper materials to aid the cooking process, and the temperature is just right, you CAN fry eggs on the sidewalk. So instead of complaining about the immense heat, why don't you try putting it into good use? It will not be easy, though. Patience is required. According to the American Egg Board, in order for eggs to become firm, a temperature of 158 degrees Fahrenheit is required. 

Look for your place under the sun, literally. Choose a spot which is directly exposed to sunlight. Note that the color of the sidewalk can make a difference-dark-colored ones tend to be hotter than those with lighter colors, as dark colors absorb heat faster. If the temperature is hot enough, you may opt to crack the egg right on to the hot sidewalk. However, if it just is not hot enough, you may use materials which will help heat things up, so to speak. 

An aluminum foil is one of the most advisable tools to use, as it reflects back the sunlight that falls on it, which in turn bounces off to the egg. The foil will also keep the egg clean, if you really intend to eat it afterwards. Try folding the sides of the foil to protect the egg and to keep it from sliding off. Sidewalks however, are obviously not one of the most sanitary places on earth, so eating the egg is not advisable. But if you insist, then you may as well bring some salt and pepper for seasoning. A small amount of cooking oil could also be helpful, so the egg will not stick to the foil.

Some people who have tried doing this also used a magnifying glass or mirror, to help focus the sunlight on the foil and the egg. You may use a frying pan, too, as the metal can help hasten the heating process. Metal can raise temperature, as we all know. Keep a close eye on the egg and do not leave it, birds might eat it if left unguarded.

You may not succeed during your first attempt; the environmental factors may not be cooperating at the moment. For some who attempted, the egg was not cooked all the way. Be ready for this possibility and do not forget that there is always a next time. You can even try using other tools which will fry the egg faster (like perhaps the hood of a car?). Just remember, you MUST clean up after you have done this. You would not want anyone slipping on your egg. 

While you're doing all this, don't forget to protect yourself from the rays of the sun. Put on a cap or a hat, and put on some sunscreen. You wouldn't want to end up looking more cooked than your "egg-xperiment," now, would you?


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