How To Garnish a Tropical Drink

Frozen daiquiris, mojitos and a Tequila Sunrise are all popular tropical drinks. Part of the fun of drinking these cocktails is the way it’s presented. That garnish on top makes for a conversation piece and adds a little bit of drama and humor to the drink. Whether it’s apiece of fruit, a little paper umbrella or something else altogether, placing that garnish makes for a finishing touch that makes the drink complete.

When making your own cocktails, do it like the professionals do and put a garnish on it. Adding that little extra touch goes a long way in helping you enjoy your drink. Here are some ideas for you to consider if you’d like to know how to garnish a tropical drink.

  • Keep it small. Make sure that your garnish doesn’t overwhelm the drink. If using fruit or vegetable slices, keep the sizes small and bite sized. You don’t want your guest to choke on the fruit. The decoration shouldn’t dominate the drink that it renders it impossible for the person to drink from the glass.
  • Use fruit. Fruit is the cheapest and most ideal item to place as a decorative element on the drink. Try to use items that are already blended in the drink. For example, for a strawberry daiquiri, add a whole strawberry sliced at the bottom just so it fits right on the rim of the glass. For a mojito, place a wedge of lime. The fruit can be eaten before or after the drink is finished, adding a complementary layer of flavor to the beverage. Just about any fruit can be used, from kiwi, pineapple and raspberry to lemon, limes and oranges.
  • Use vegetables. A stalk of celery is typically used in a Bloody Mary drink. However, consider the idea of using vegetables to garnish your drink. Why not use a slice of seedless cucumber? Get a slice of tomato and use it as your would a slice of orange or lemon. Place a bit of mint leaves on the drink to make it more refreshing and at the same time more visually pleasing.
  • Use other food. Try bottled jellies native to other countries as garnish for your drink. Try nata de coco, which is a coconut jelly from the Philippines and other tropical countries. It’s sweet and delicious and is firm enough to speak on a toothpick or umbrella. How about other sweetened beans such as sugar palm fruit or kaong. Try using sugar cane instead of an umbrella or toothpick so spear fruits and other items you want to garnish your drink with.
  • Use props. There are several bartender accessories you can use to jazz up your drink. Little swords, paper umbrellas or even customized plastic stick mixers can be incorporated in the drink. Use it to spear a maraschino cherry or chunk of mango or pineapple. These can be purchased at party supply stores or anywhere alcoholic drink and bartendering supplies are sold.

Use your imagination when you garnish your drink. Think of it as a work of art that you can eat and drink! Make it fun and colorful to delight the senses when you serve it to your guests.


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