How To Grill Fresh Pineapple

Side Dish or Dessert, Grilled Pineapple Enhances any Meal

The fruit of a pineapple is a great source for getting the daily requirements of manganese, Vitamins B1 and C -- and it tastes great -- whether it is cubed and thrown into a salad, or added to kabobs, or served as grilled slabs alongside a hearty steak or as the finishing touch to a delicious dinner.

You can't go wrong with pineapple, yet most never consider grilling pineapple as an added delight to their meal. Once pineapple has been cooked over an open flame, the sugars will caramelize, adding an additional layer of sweetness to the fruit.


Step 1

At the grocery store:

  • Check out all the available fresh pineapple.
  • Pick out the one that has the most green on the outside, but make sure there are no large soft spots, which would indicate over-ripeness.


Step 2

Once you are home:

  • Chop off the top fronds from the pineapple. These can be additionally sliced and composted for your garden.
  • Trim the outer layer off the pineapple, making sure to cut deep enough to trim all parts of the outer layer.
  • Be sure to trim off center core of pineapple, as it can be a bit tough and stringy. This also can be composted.
  • Cut slabs of pineapple that are large enough to be placed on grill and not fall through the grate.
  • Layer in pan and rub a small amount of olive or cooking oil over slabs.

Step 3

Head to the grill:

  • If you are grilling other items, keep track of how soon everything will be ready.
  • With about ten minutes to go, place slabs of pineapple on grill.
  • After about five minutes, turn each slab.
  • Remove at the same time as other items.

Pineapples, as with bananas, are sensitive to the cold. With that in mind, keep pineapples on the counter, to ripen and/or stay fresh, until ready for use.

If you have leftovers, which is highly unlikely, cube and toss with a lettuce salad the next day, adding chopped onions, blanched peanuts, Chow Mein noodles, along with Caesar dressing -- it will become a favored combination!

But, above all, enjoy experimenting with fresh pineapple and all of its flavor sensations. You won't be disappointed.


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This is an interesting idea to add to a meal.

By Zach Bauguess