How To Host a "Blind" Wine Tasting Party

Wine tasting involves the sensory evaluation of wines. There are different ways of tasting wines. There is horizontal tasting. This involves tasting different varietals of wine from a single year from different wine manufacturers. There is also vertical tasting. This wine tasting technique focuses on the tasting a series of wine from different years, based on its age.

However, the best way to do it is through blind wine tasting. This ensures that there is impartial judgment of wines. There is no better way to enjoy blind wine tasting than to hold a party using this theme. Aside from avoiding impartial judgments, you can also have a lot of fun with your friends or family with this type of party.

The following are the steps on how to host a “blind” wine tasting party.

  • Wine selection. This is the best and the most crucial part of party planning. There is a wide variety of wine. During wine selection, the best way to choose the wine you will use for the party is to consider a theme. You can consider wine selection according to its grape variety. You can also choose according to the location of where it came from. Another way to select wine is to purchase it according to its price. Just make sure that you base your wine selection according to your theme.
  • Preparation. After selecting a theme and purchasing wine, the next step is to prepare for the party. The first thing you have to do is to prepare the wine. Since this is a blind tasting party, you should cover the wine. You can use a paper bag for this. Just make sure to cover it in a presentable way. Also, make sure that you prepare dark wine glasses. Although using plastic cups is permissible, it would be better to use dark wine glasses. The color of the wine might affect the game. The awards for the game are also one thing you should prepare. Try giving out wine books, corkscrews or anything that is related to wine.
  • Wine tasting. Based from your theme, have the groups settle down and start the game. If you have two groups, prepare two tables wherein each wine is present. Have the group fall in line and begin the wine tasting. Make sure to limit the wine for each glass to two ounces only. You should also have a pitcher of water beside each table. This is to rinse off the wine glasses and the palates of the members. Make sure that you provide each member of the group an answering sheet.
  • Scoring and awarding. This is the last part of the wine tasting. After having all the members to taste the wine, get their answer sheets and tally the results. If you have different categories or different themes, you can have a winner for each. After you have given the awards, you can now settle down, eat and enjoy talking about the “blind” wine tasting experience!

These are the steps on how to host a “blind” wine tasting party. When preparing your party, also make sure that you organize the wines accordingly. For example, organize the type of wines according to reds to whites or from dry to sweet. In addition, when thinking about food selection, consider serving food only after the wine tasting game. Food can affect the tasting of the wine. You should also ask your guests not to wear any strong perfume. Remember that aroma is a good predictor in wine tasting. A strong perfume might jeopardize the game.


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