How To Host a Mystery Themed Party for Adults

Mystery themed parties are popular not only among youngsters but adults as well. Mystery themes are excellent for birthday parties because they give excitement, color and fun to an otherwise traditional celebration. Although toasting the birthday celebrator can also be entertaining, sometimes the guests may want more than the usual speeches which, on some occasions, can go overboard. And this is where mystery themes come in handy.

In hosting a mystery themed party for adults, you must first of all consider who are going to be your guests. In what age bracket do they belong? Are they all males, all females or mixed? Is there some physical activity involved in the party activities you are planning, and are your guests physically fit to participate? Is the size of your party venue just enough to accommodate the guests and does it give room to games and party actions?

Planning a mystery themed party takes time. You don’t throw one in haste or at the spur of the moment, just like how you would call an instant tea party for friends. It is important to plan way ahead for a successful celebration.

Make sure to have uniformity in presenting the theme of the party. For instance, if you decide to have a mystery crime theme, the invitations must bear designs that reflect this idea. The invitations, decorations, balloons and party tokens must all be consistent in accordance with this theme.

With children and teenagers, the ideas for mystery themed parties are boundless. But with adults as invitees, you may want to play safe by incorporating simple contests like guessing games. Or you can also make the guests solve a puzzle by hiding clues all over the place for everyone to search. Clues may be hidden under chairs, tables, speakers or even in the lavatories. Each clue may lead to another clue and so on until the mystery is solved.

Try your best to set the mood of the theme as soon as the guests start arriving. You may assign some ushers to distribute tags with written information and instructions about how the party is going to be conducted according to the mystery theme. Another way is by putting clue cards on each table which the guests can browse on while waiting for the party proper to begin. This way, there will be fewer questions later on when you start announcing the rules of the games.

One problem that a host is sometimes confronted with is deciding which to come first: Should food be served first? Or should games start at once? Some prefer to start with the games because people tend to lose enthusiasm when full and already had one drink too many. On the other hand there are hosts who like to wait for dinner to be over before starting the action. Anything is possible and it all depends on how well you conduct the whole process. What matters most is that everyone gets a good treat.



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