How To Make 3-D Fondant Animals

Pastries are already a treat to the sweet tooth and to the tummy.   You can make them a visual treat as well by using fondant to decorate the surface of your favorite pastries.  The best thing about making fondant designs on pastries is that it gives them a personal touch that means you gave enough thought about what you want to give the recipient of these cakes and cookies.

Some of the more common fondant designs are animals like cats, dogs and monkeys which is a big hit among children and adults alike. To shape the fondant into cute animal shapes, you’ll need a few things including a bit of imagination.

Here are the things you need:

  • Here are the things you need:
      • Fondant
      • Paint brushes
      • Water
      • Clean surface
      • Knife
      • Veining tool
      • Food coloring
      • Icing zipper bag
  • Use the food coloring to make different colorful hues and tints from the fondant. You can group the fondants by color and hue.
  • Make a ball about the size of a golf ball with fondant. Make the shapes closer to an oblong than a sphere because it will form the body of the animal. Shape it according to your preferences.
  • Next, make another ball half the size of the first one. This will be the animal’s head and you can shape the eyes, nose and mouth of the animal using a veining tool. You can ball smaller pieces of fondant to create face details as well. Use different colored fondant for the eyes and face details.
  • Roll 2 smaller pieces of fondant for the legs. The size of the pieces you will roll depends on the proportions of the first two balls you made.  You can use the veining tool to shape the details of the legs like knees or fur patterns on it. Roll smaller balls of fondant to create feet or paws for the animals.
  • Repeat Step 4 for the arms. Use the veining tool to create the details of the arms. You can create animal hands or paws by rolling smaller pieces of fondant separate from the arms then attach them to the limbs.
  • Make other details like whiskers, tails, ears, paw prints, or trunks by using smaller pieces of fondant and shaping them using the veining tool.
  • Put in small details to the animals like ribbons, long eyelashes and pouty lips on the girl animals. Small details like these will make the animals much cuter and will be a source of entertainment for kids.

Creating animals out of fondant is pretty easy and fun. You can visit online sites for ideas on how to design the animals and how to make them cute and adorable. Try to research on many designs as you can because you don’t have to be limited to animals. You can come up with theme parties and design your pastry fondant accordingly. There are no limits to the designs you can make out of fondant if you’re creative and fun loving.


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