How To Make a Basket Weave

A basket weave design on top of a freshly made pie can be an impressive display of culinary aptitude. A correctly made basket weave, or crisscross pattern on top of fruit pies is a time honored tradition that can make a dessert a centerpiece for a dinner party or the highlight of an evening. The reason that a basket weave on a pie is spectacular is that it looks difficult to make. In actuality, making a basket weave is not hard providing that the chef or home cook has patience when making it.

A basket weave design on the top of a pie is little more than one inch wide strips of pie dough laid in a crisscross pattern on top of fruit pies. There are many variations on this simple design to include interweaving the strips, increasing the angle of intersection, and varying the size of the strips to create intricate patterns. Basic basket weaves incorporate an interwoven design with pie dough strips that intersect at a ninety degree angle.

Prior to making a basket weave design on your pie, the bottom crust must be in place with the fruit filling of the pie in the pie plate. Once this is complete, rollout a piece of pie dough that is equal in size to the pie plate. Use a sharp knife to cut the pie dough into one inch wide strips. Naturally these strips will vary in length. Take the two longest strips and lay them in the middle of the pie so that they are perpendicular to each other and form a large X on top of the pie. Take the end of the strip on the bottom and fold it back on itself. Insert another strip, approximately one inch away from the top strip, so that it runs parallel to that top strip and perpendicular to the folded over strip. Once it is in, place the bottom strip back in place so that it now runs under the first strip and over the second, crossing both at a ninety degree angle. Place a third strip on top of this same strip and then repeat the process for a following strip. Do this to both sides of the pie. Rotate the pie a quarter turn and continue the process for the other side. Soon, by following these simple steps, you will achieve a basket weave design and a terrific top to your fruit pie.


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