How To Make a Candy Apple Martini

You will love the taste of candy apple martini. It has the vodka flavor but doesn’t sting your tongue with a sour, intense taste. It is sweet, almost tastes like candy; hence, the name. For its sweet apple-cranberry taste, candy apple martini has become the favorite of many. In fact, in large gatherings and all-girls night-outs, candy apple martini always finds a place in everyone’s heart. Like to know how to make this superbly tasty cocktail drink? Here’s a recipe.

  • Get your ingredients ready. Here are the things you will need: vodka, apple schnapps, butterscotch schnapps, and cranberry juice. If you are making a single drink, one ounce vodka, one ounce apple schnapps, ½ ounce butterscotch schnapps, and one ounce cranberry juice are enough. Adjust the amount of the ingredients if you are making candy apple martini for a group. You can use vanilla or green apple vodka for a more delicious result.
  • Put the ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Carefully pour the ingredients one by one into a shaker filled with crushed ice. Make sure to cover the shaker. Then, shake the ingredients for 20 minutes.
  • Coat the rim with additional flavor. You can put additional sweet flavor to the drink by coating the glass rim with caramel syrup. You can also use turbinado sugar. Add crushed nuts or graham crackers for a more pleasurable drinking experience.
  • Pour the candy apple martini into a martini glass. Strain the drink as your pour it into a glass, making sure remove the ice. Then, serve the drink with fresh ice cubes. And don’t forget to add garnishes like apple slices, cinnamon sticks, maraschino cherries, and mint leaves.
  • Adjust the taste. If the candy apple martini turns out to be too sweet for your taste, you can tone down its sugary flavor by adding apple juice or soda. Just a small amount will do because you don’t want to completely get rid of its signature sweet flavor. To make an additional sour flavor, you can add lime juice and ginger ale to the martini.
  • Try apple martini variations. There are several variations of the apple martini that you can try. You can, for instance, try the apple pie martini. Do this by using vanilla vodka, dry vermouth, and Calvados brandy instead of apple schnapps. Mix the ingredients in the shaker the same way. Another variation worth trying is the red apple martini. Mix apple vodka, apple juice, and grenadine syrup.

You can make candy apple martini in less than five minutes. It is best to be enjoyed with friends and family. Perfect for people who are only into casual drinking and who like their drinks to have a completely different alcohol taste. Drink this martini with your favorite finger foods as you huddle together with the best people of your life. If you are going to drink this in a party, make sure to drink in moderation. Avoid driving if you feel more than tipsy. In any case, have a blast and enjoy the drink! 


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