How To Make a Cotton Candy Martini

Cotton candy is a well-loved treat both by kids and former kids. It is so well-loved that it has become a source of inspiration for an alcoholic drink known as cotton candy martini. The usual martini is made of vodka or gin, plus vermouth and an olive as garnish. The cotton candy martini makes use of the same base ingredients, but discards the olive and brings in a cherry in its place.

The whole charisma of the cotton candy martini is in its ability to evoke childhood memories of pink cotton candy, along with its sweet, cherry- or strawberry-like flavor. Yet, such childish images can be deceptive in the cotton candy martini because it is a strong alcoholic beverage masked in pink sweetness. Therefore, drink it up moderately.

To whip up your cotton candy martini, you're going to need some sugar, some grenadine, about two ounces of vodka (raspberry flavor), about an ounce of Chambord, and a splash of Champagne. Follow the simple steps below to make your cotton candy martini.

  • Line the rim of a martini glass with grenadine. There are two ways to do this. The first one is to pour a thin layer of grenadine on a shallow saucer, then dip the martini glass's rim into the grenadine. The second method is also acceptable. Simply drizzle some grenadine along the glass rim. Don't worry much if some grenadine gets into the glass. It will actually add flavor to the drink.
  • Spread some sugar on a wide plate. Dip the grenadine-laced rim of the martini glass into the sugar. Make sure that the sugar sticks to the rim. Rotate the martini glass as you dip into the sugar to make sure even distribution of the sugar along the rim. This procedure is actually similar to lining a margarita glass with fine salt. Set the martini glass aside.
  • Fill up a cocktail shaker with several ice cubes. Pour in the raspberry-flavored vodka and Chambord. Add a little grenadine to give the mixture a pinkish, cotton candy-like color.
  • Shake, shake, shake!  Shake the mixture vigorously. You want it fizzy and well-mixed.
  • Open the shaker and pour in a splash of champagne to the mix. The champagne gives the mix its extra fizz.
  • Place a cherry into the bottom of your martini glass. The cherry is entirely optional, though it definitely will add to the sweet flavor. And, it will lay at the bottom of the martini glass as a pleasant and surprising treat just when you're about to gulp the remainder of your drink.
  • Pour the mix into the sugar-rimmed martini glass. Take care to avoid washing away the sugar while you pour. If you want, you can pour a little more grenadine for extra flavor and for visual impact.

That's pretty much it. Fixing a cotton candy martini is actually much easier than making cotton candy itself. Though frequently thought of as a lady's drink commonly served at bachelorette parties, the cotton candy martini is a drink for either sex. After all, does cotton candy really prefer one sex over the other?


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