How To Make a Delicious Green Smoothie

When making smoothies, anything goes. You can put just about anything that you want. You can both use fruits and vegetables at the same time. There is no limit to what you can and cannot use. Since they are fruits and vegetables, you can never have too much. The more you put in your smoothie, the more nutrients your body will receive. You will not believe how good green smoothies taste when blended well with other ingredients. Making green smoothies will make you like the vegetables that you would not normally eat. If you want to start drinking green smoothies to help you in keeping your body healthy, this recipe will make you want vegetables more than ever.

  • What will you need for your smoothie? You will need ripe mango, banana, avocado, broccoli, spinach, parsley, milk, ice and blender to blend your smoothie. These fruits and vegetables are not the only choices that you have. You can make use of your favorite fruits and vegetables. You have free rein on what you can add. These ingredients are just suggestions. You can modify them according to your preference.
  • Prepare the ingredients. Slice the mango, avocado and banana into small pieces. For the broccoli and spinach, you do not have to take out the stems. You can add them into the smoothie as well. Pour fresh milk into a tall glass.
  • Blend. First, blend the ice until no large chunks are visible. Next, blend the mango, avocado and banana until very fine. Add in the milk and blend for another thirty seconds. You will now have a yellow green mixture. Add in as much broccoli and spinach as you like. The amount of vegetables must be more than the fruits. Blend until everything is fine and slushy. Make sure that your smoothie is not too thick and not too watery.
  • Pour. Once you have achieved the perfect consistency of your green smoothie, pour in a tall glass and garnish with parsley on top. You can definitely eat the parsley garnishing afterwards.

Milk is not the only option for the liquid. You can also use water, fresh fruit juice or coconut water. Use the one that you prefer and that will complement the taste of the fruits and vegetables that you will use in your smoothie. Condition yourself to drink two glasses of green smoothies every day. In a few months you will definitely see the benefits of drinking healthy green smoothies.

Since green smoothies are made of fruits and vegetables, it will help you lose weight and add much needed nutrients and vitamins to your system. Make one anytime you feel like having a smoothie. Always stock your fridge with fruits and vegetables so that you can make one anytime your craving for a healthy smoothie strikes. Do this often and in no time you will notice that you are losing those unwanted pounds, and at the same time your body is being cleansed of toxins that are present from the different kinds of food that you intake.


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