How To Make a Donut Cake for Your Wedding

Every great wedding celebration ends with some cake. It’s sweet, delicious and it’s often decorated with the theme of the wedding in mind. Guests anxiously anticipate the cutting of the cake so that they can start partaking of the yummy spongy goodness of the cake.

A wedding cake can be a true centerpiece of any wedding, as it ties together the entire theme of the wedding. If you want something unique yet really tasty, why not make a wedding cake out of donuts! That’s right! Whether you use donuts from Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts or from your local bakery, a donut wedding cake will surely be delicious and a fun addition to your wedding celebration.

Here’s how to make a donut cake for your wedding.

  • Choose from your favorite donut store. Is there a particular donut store or flavor that you like? If so, why not get your donuts for your cake there! Be sure to tell the manager that you will make a bulk order and when you need it by so they will have it in stock on the day that you need it. You may even get some custom made for an extra fee, such as if you want some icing decoration written on the donuts. Ordering boxes of donuts will also be much cheaper than ordering an entire wedding cake.
  • Determine what flavors you want. What flavor do you want? Are you partial to Bavarian cream or something nutty with chocolate? Do you prefer the original glazed donuts or something filled with strawberry and pineapple jam? If you can’t decide, go get an assorted variety. It’s sure to please everyone in your wedding party!
  • Order it in advance and pick up on the morning of the wedding. Once you determine where you want to get the donuts from and what flavors you want, the bakery will need a few days notice to make sure it’s in stock on your wedding day. For a fresh batch, pick up the donuts on the morning of your wedding. If you get it the night before, it may start to get a little soggy, or the ants and other sweet loving insects may get to it first.
  • Arrange in tiers. Now that you have your donuts, you should have someone arrange it for you. Let the wedding coordinator take care of it, or ask a friend or relative who is artistic arrange it for you. You may use cake tiers to create height and visual interest.
  • Add some icing and other decorations. If you want to add a little something extra for your cake, go ahead and put some icing on the donuts. If you don’t know how to make it, you can also use canned whipped cream. Decorate the cake with flowers, cherries or sprinkles. Every layer of candy and cream you add is an additional layer of yummy goodness that will surely satisfy the sweetest tooth!
  • Place the cake topper. For the piece de resistance, it’s time to place your bride and groom topper. Take your pick but make sure it’s steady on the top.

So if you’re considering what kind of cake to have at your wedding feast, think outside the box and have one made out of donuts instead! Your guests will surely welcome this surprise and it will make your wedding celebration a stand out!


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