How To Make a Great Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast is the most important meal of a person’s day. As the old adage, ‘Eat like a king in the morning, eat like a servant in the afternoon, and eat like a pauper in the evening’ goes, breakfast is quite crucial. It is the meal that gives you the power you need to start and go about your activities. That is why every breakfast should be made very special.

Here is one savory dish that will make your breakfast very special, the filled-to-the-brim breakfast burrito. No need to order this fit for a king meal from fancy restaurants or fast food joints. You can make your own start your day right breakfast burrito. Here are some tips on how to make a great breakfast burrito.

  • Before you dig in. Delicious breakfast burritos do not appear magically out of thin air. You have to prepare it well so you can enjoy and have a great start to your day. And with meals like burritos, ingredients and the preparation will make or break the taste. So to start this tasty ingredient packed dish you should have sour cream, cheddar cheese, eggs chili, corned beef hash, Tater Tots, bacon and tortillas to add texture to your dish. This particular burrito recipe contains a handful of ingredients. It may seem overwhelming at first but with the right technique and preparation you will hone the taste of each element. And do make sure you get the best ingredients so you can come up with the best breakfast burrito.
  • Crisp and just right. The first step in making your savory breakfast burrito is to cook the bacon. The key here is to make the bacon crispy enough but not too hard to chew. So keep an eye on the bacon while you cook it. Then leave the grease. You will use it later for the tater tots.
  • Tater Tots crunch. The second step is to throw the Tater Tots in grease. The goal here is to make the Tater Tots crispy for that crunch in your bite. When the Tater Tots brown all over it is good enough. You can also add flavor for that extra taste.
  • Corned beef mix. When you are done with the Tater Tots, it is time to put the corned beef into the pan. But before you do, turn down the burner. This will prevent the oil from bursting or splattering about when you introduce the corned beef on the surface. A low-heated pan works well for the eggs.
  • Egg away! When the corned beef is on the pan for a good time break eggs on pour it over. Be ready with your cheese when the corned beef and eggs are almost done.
  • Time to get cheesy. Your cut cheese should be spread over the mix. Mix well so the heat will melt the cheese. Put everything over the tortilla, including the bacon, Tater Tots, and sour cream. Roll it up and then your meal is good to go.

This tasty burrito recipe will surely get you on your way to a good start. Cook now and enjoy!


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