How To Make a Homemade Cook Book

A cook book contains delectable dishes and cooking secrets that one can use to become an instant culinary expert. Today, while there are famous chefs who are coming out with their very own recipe books where they share and impart their knowledge to their readers, most of them come with hefty price tags that do no good to one’s budget and is the primary reason why more and more people are leaning towards the good, old Internet when it comes to their cooking needs.

Have you found a recipe you liked online that you tried at home?  Do you have printed copies of your tried-and-tested recipes that you wish you can compile? If so, then why not be like your favorite chef and make your very own cook book?  Read on to find out how.

  • Materials needed. Here are the materials that you need to make a homemade cook book:  a cardboard, any fabric or cloth, fusible web, construction paper, printer paper, embroidery thread, thick needle, a pair of scissors or cutter, a scotch tape, a pencil and a ruler.
  • Compile your favorite recipes. To make your homemade cook book, start by compiling your favorite recipes and cutting them to your preferred size. You have the option whether you want your recipes printed out by a computer or not. If using a computer, keep in mind to have your recipes printed in a two-column, landscape layout.
  • Make your cook book cover next. For this, take your cardboard and measure it with a ruler. Make sure that it is about 3mm. wider and longer than the size of your printer paper and cut accordingly. Remember to make 2 as this will serve as the front and back covers of your book.
  • Create a hinge. To do this, take your cook book covers and cut an inch off both. You should have two strips. Keep one to be used as hinge and throw the other away. Align the strip on the left side of what would be your “back” cover. Make sure that the strip and the back cover are about 2 mm. apart and then join them together by using a scotch tape. After doing so, take your “front” cover and tape it with the other end of the strip, once again allotting about 2 mm. Secure both covers well.
  • Create a book cover. Get your fabric and cut it an inch wider and longer than your book cover. Attach it to the cover with the use of fusible web and iron. Carefully miter the corners for a smooth finish. Use fusible web and iron out the joints as well. Your cook book cover is now complete.
  • Compile the sheets of recipes and fold them in half. Align them properly. Cut the construction paper to match the size and place it on the bottom. The construction paper will serve as the inside cover of your cook book.
  • Open the book and carefully arrange the folded sheets. Attach the sheets by sewing them to the hinge with the use of needle and embroidery thread.

Congratulations on your new cook book!  You can keep making them to store more recipes in the future. You can make cook books in various cuisine categories so it will be easier for you to hunt a recipe down. They also make wonderful gifts to your family and friends who share the same passion for food as you. Who knows, they might make one for you too!


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