How To Make a Kool-Aid Slushy

Is summer fast-approaching? Are you worried about the heat? Well, don’t panic. You can definitely make it cooler and more comfortable this time. What is the big secret? An icy drink – a Kool Aid slushy. Aside from being tasty and refreshing, it is also easy and quick to prepare. Excited? Here are some instructions on how you can make your Kool Aid slushy:

  • Put together your basic ingredients. Of course, a pack of Kool Aid should be on the top of your list. Then, get some ice (about two trays), sugar (about 2/3 cup), and water (cold). Normally, tap water is appropriate. But if you are quite particular about your water source, you can have something bottled. When all your ingredients are ready, bring out your blender.
  • Do the easy-to-follow procedures. Prepare your blender. Make sure that it is clean. Then, put your sugar into the blender. Proceed by adding your Kool Aid and the pieces of ice. The last ingredient that you are going to include is water. Be careful when you add water. Do you want your slushy to be liquid or more icy? If you prefer it to be more icy, don’t pour a lot of water. That should do the trick. Perhaps, you can fill up your blender just half way. You can dispense more water whenever necessary.
  • Blend all your ingredients. Wait until the ice is thoroughly “crushed”. The ice should literally become “small beads”. Get a spoon so you can easily stir your Kool Aid slushy.
  • Enjoy your concoction. If you are really excited, eager, or thirsty, enjoy your Kool Aid slushy right after you have mixed it. On the other hand, if you wish to enjoy it later, you can keep it in a freezer, perhaps between 30 minutes and an hour. A soft-frozen Kool Aid slushy is certainly more flavorsome.
  • Learn some of the other mouth-watering Kool Aid recipes. A slushy is just one of the numerous ways on how you can enjoy Kool Aid. Here are more possibilities:

Do you want to suck great-tasting ice cubes? Well, simply mix your preferred Kool Aid flavor with ice, water, and sugar. Then, pour the mixture into your freezer trays and refrigerate. If you want to make it more fun, match the color of your freeze trays with the color of your favorite Kool Aid flavor.

What about some snow cones? Bring out a small glass or plastic bowl. Continue by pouring and mixing a pack of Kool Aid (unsweetened, any flavor of your choice), sugar (about a cup), and cold water (about half a cup) into the bowl. Stir the mixture thoroughly until everything gets dissolved. Afterwards, get a cup of crushed ice. Pour into it a tablespoon of your mixture and enjoy. Expect to make a maximum of 8 cups.

A Kool Aid slushy can make your summer truly refreshing. So, help yourself with a good serving. You can also share it with your family and friends. A Kool Aid slushy can undoubtedly turn your lazy afternoons and little get-togethers more invigorating. Isn’t that a wonderful treat?


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