How To Make a Label for an Alcohol Bottle

Are you a home beverage hobbyist? Do you relish spending long hours – even days, weeks, and months – just to be able to prepare the perfect label for your alcohol bottle? Well, if that is the case, then, you are surely going to benefit from these instructions. Read on:

Step 1. Understand that creating a suitable label for your alcohol bottle requires the effective use of current technology. Your task becomes a lot easier to do if you strive to be more familiar with one of the more popular image-editing programs. Are you adept in using Illustrator or Photoshop? Any of those two software programs can ensure your label to look good and professionally done. Both can also permit your label to reflect either your personal style or your alcohol’s.
Step 2. If learning how to use Illustrator or Photoshop appears to be a tall order for you, you can always go back to the basic – create your design using Microsoft Word.

Begin by opening a page. Type the “name” of your alcohol. After that, go to the font selections. Choose the appropriate one for your alcohol. Adjust the size and the color of the font according to your intended design and style.

Once the “name” is set, insert a clip art or a photo into your document. You can get a suitable file from your hard drive or you can download from the net.

Don’t forget to save after you have resized and moved the “image”. Ask yourself if you are happy with what you have done. If you feel that everything looks great, then, you are ready to jump to the next step.

Step 3. Once you have finished your label’s design, print it out. Use a plain paper first. See if the sample passes your personal standards. When the test print out looks wonderful, you can print again. This time, use a self-adhesive paper.

Step 4. Bring out your pair of scissors. Cut out your label. Fashion it after your alcohol bottle’s shape. Be careful here. The shape should be exact.

Step 5. Peel off the sticker and apply it to your alcohol bottle. Don’t rush. Gently press the sticker against the bottle. If the positioning is wrong or uneven, you may find it hard to adjust the label. Most of the self-adhesive papers in the market now are difficult to remove once they have already adhered.

Step 6
. If you don’t have a self-adhesive paper, you can always resort in using a plain paper. Go to a nearby craft store and buy a decoupage glue. You can use it to seal your label. After you have printed the label, wait for your printer’s ink to dry thoroughly. Applying the decoupage glue while the printer’s ink is still wet can smudge your label’s design. Use a paint brush when you need to seal your label. A small brush may be handy. Wait for the first coat to completely dry before you work on the second coat. The sealer can add a shiny look to your label.


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