How To Make a Mountain Dew Slushy

During the summertime, kids look for different ways to cool down. There are plenty of drinks that you can make for your kids to refresh them during the heat of the summer months. One of the drinks that you can make is a Mountain Dew slushy. This slushy can make your kids excited since it has an interesting yellow green color. Making a Mountain Dew Slushy is really easy.

Find out how you can make a Mountain Dew slushy by reading the steps below:

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you will need for making the Mountain Dew slushy are Mountain Dew, a blender, ice crusher, disposable cups, crazy straws and lots of ice cubes. Serve the Mountain Dew slushy in transparent glasses with crazy straws to make it more appealing to your kids. You can purchase transparent disposable cups on the website Party Merchant and the crazy straws from the website Krazy Straw.
  • Making the Mountain Dew slushy. Prepare your blender and place some ice cubes in it filling the blender about halfway. Place Mountain Dew in the blender about a ¾ full. Put the cover on the blender and press the blend button on the machine. Allow the mixture to blend for a few seconds, until you see that the ice has broken down. Check the consistency of the mixture. If it is too runny, add some more ice cubes to reach the consistency of slush.
  • Serve Mountain Dew slushy. Once you get the right consistency, you can already serve the slushy. Pour them on the clear glass and place some crazy straws on the glasses. Now your kids can cool down with a fun drink for the summertime.

You can make more slushy and smoothie recipes easily. You can serve them when you have parties or small gatherings with your friends or family. You can find some of the best recipes for making a slushy and smoothie by accessing the websites listed below:

  • Prairie Moon – Prairie Moon is a website where you can find recipes on fruit smoothies, ice cream or yogurt smoothies and a spritzer. These recipes are easy to do and they taste good. This is a great way to cool down during the heat of the summer while you are out by the pool or just lounging around.
  • Recipe Goldmine – Recipe Goldmine has some interesting recipes for a slushy. Kids will certainly enjoy these recipes. They have a fruit slush mix, Kool-Aid slushy, tomato slush, watermelon strawberry slush and many more.
  • Children's Recipes – Children’s Recipes is a website where you can find smoothie recipes for kids. Their list includes strawberry banana slushy, bubble apple soda, orange eggnog float, cola spida and many more. Try making the recipes with your children as a family bonding activity.

Now you know how to make a Mountain Dew slushy. You can try other recipes too for variation. You can also prepare other things during the summertime such as popsicles, ice cream sundaes or coolers.


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