How To Make a Pedestal Dessert Plate

A pedestal dessert plate is a must in a table if you want to make fruits, biscuits, or cakes stand out from the rest of the food in a table. It allows you to present food stylishly in a way garnishes cannot. Although a pedestal dessert plate can be embellished with bows, gems, or beads, it doesn’t lose its charm if displayed without any decorations, because it is in itself an adornment to the table.

Finding a pedestal dessert plate for a special occasion is easy. There are many stores that carry this item in various sizes and colors. However, it is only by creating the pedestal dessert plate yourself that you’re sure to make your table look one of a kind. If you want to know how to build this elegant food holder, follow the steps below: 

  • Prepare the materials. You need a plate, any object that can be used as stand (ex. candle holder, vase, bowl, or sundae glass), a ribbon, and a strong glue or removable putty to make a pedestal dessert plate. These things can be readily found in your house, so be sure to check your cabinets first for these materials, before purchasing them from a store. When looking for a plate and a stand, bear in mind that these two will be connected to form the pedestal dessert platter. Choose a plate and a stand that looks good together. Also, consider the ratio of the plate to the size of the stand. Put the plate on the stand to see if it is stable.
  • Build the pedestal dessert plate. If you want to make the connection permanent, put a strong glue on the end of the stand that will hold the plate. Otherwise, put a removable putty. Make sure that the adhesive covers the highest points of the stand so that it will come in contact with the plate. With the plate upside down on a flat surface, position the stand on the center of the plate, and let the glue dry.
  • Decorate the pedestal dessert plate. The simplest way of decorating a pedestal dessert plate is by wrapping a ribbon around its stand and forming a ribbon. You can also glue beads and buttons on it to make it festive.

Using a glass container for the stand of your pedestal dessert plate gives you the most number of options in decoration. One design that you can do is to glue the bottom of the container to the plate. In this way, the glass’ cavity is the one touching the table when your pedestal dessert plate is positioned right side up. Use the cavity to hold fresh fruits, flowers, or pine cones by placing these items on the table, and putting the pedestal dessert plate on them as frame. Another design you can try is coloring the glass with food coloring. Do this by first pouring water to the container, and then adding the food coloring.


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