How To Make a Simple Finger Sandwich

Toasted sandwiches with olives

What could be more fun than a plate full of tiny finger sandwiches for an afternoon gathering?  Served with a tall, cool glass of iced tea, finger sandwiches are the perfect accompaniment to your book club, garden party, or festive occasion.

To begin, decide what filling you want in your finger sandwiches.  Traditional fillings are cucumber and cream cheese, tuna or ham salad, or simple butter.  Feel free to be creative and cater to your audience.  If your guests are younger, why not try the true peanut butter and jelly? Or if you're serving a more mature audience, try something traditional like ham salad or cucumber.

Next, decide what kind of bread you want to use for your finger sandwiches. White bread is simple to cut into squares and won't take away from the flavor of your fillings. Check your bakery to see what they offer that is fun and interesting. The most important thing is that the bread is thinly sliced.

Now you will want to assemble your fillings.  For a meat based salad (tuna, chicken, ham, salmon, etc.) just drain the can of meat of your choice and combine in a bowl with a dollop of mayonnaise.  Season with salt and pepper, and then get creative with some add-ins.  Tuna goes well with relish; salmon compliments dill, or soften some cream cheese and stir in some fresh chopped herbs to pair with cucumber. Now we're ready to assemble the finger sandwiches. Using a spoon, place a tablespoon of filling on a slice of bread, spreading it evenly and thinly.  Add another tablespoon to cover the bread if needed.  Place a second slice of bread on top and press gently.  Using a sharp knife, cut the crust off of the bread.  If you have used square slices of bread, simply cut the bread in quarters and place the four squares on a serving plate.  Or cut the bread at angles to make triangles.

If you are making traditional cucumber sandwiches, you will want to cut the bread into quarters first. This will insure a neat finger sandwich.  Spread one side with the herbed cream cheese, place a slice of peeled cucumber on top, apply spread to the other slice of bread and press on top of the cucumber.

Continue until you have the desired number of sandwiches.  Assemble on your serving platter and garnish with fresh parsley or a scattering of fresh fruit, such as raspberries or blueberries.  Enjoy!


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