How To Make a Subway Sandwich

Subway is a popular restaurant franchise that serves fresh, mouthwatering sandwiches and salads. Founded in 1965, Subway now has thousands of locations in different countries and is noted as one of the largest fast-food franchises in the world. Subway provides catering and delivery services. Hence if you want a Subway sandwich or salad on your food menu for your special events or gatherings, you can always go to the nearest Subway location and have the service arranged. Subway sandwich coupons are also available to its valued customers, and you can find them on the net.

For people who like to create their own Subway sandwich, you do not need to know Subway’s secrets for creating a luscious, homemade sandwich that you can enjoy with your family or friends.

  1. Choose either white or wheat bread for your sandwich. While it is recommended that you check the nutritional value of the food you opt for, the choice is actually up to you. Both white and wheat bread actually come from wheat flour, but whole wheat bread has much more fiber as compared to white. Fiber is a component in food that has a lot of health benefits. It helps in digestion, controls your weight, and reduces risks of stroke and heart attacks among others.
  2. What kind of meat will you have? Subway uses roasted chicken patties, chicken strips, cold cut meats, roasted beef, turkey breast, ham, meatballs, etc.
  3. For people who prefer fish in their diet, you can have a healthy Subway sandwich using tuna fish for meat. Tuna fish has lots of minerals, proteins and vitamins. It is noted for its nutritional value and health benefits. Tuna has Omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to lower risks of heart ailments and strokes, reduce cholesterol levels, control blood pressure, etc.
  4. The usual kinds of cheese you get from the commercial Subway sandwich are provolone, Swiss, and American. If you are crazy about cheese, you can have a cheese party on your subway sandwich by using fresh, semi-soft, semi-hard, soft ripened, pasta filata, hard, and blue cheeses depending on your preference. A Subway sandwich is never complete without cheese. Cheese is a nutritious food containing proteins and fats mostly from milk of cows, goats, buffalo, and sheep.
  5. When you have chosen and prepared your bread, meat and cheese, add your favorite toppings. Place lettuce, green bell peppers, banana peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, pickles, jalapenos, red onions, olives, carrots, etc. You can put in all the veggies you desire.
  6. Sprinkle your sandwich with your favorite condiments. You can add mustard, mayonnaise, vinegar, oil, hot sauce, onion sauce, Italian dressing or other dressings to your liking. Complete your Subway sandwich with a dash of salt and pepper.

Your homemade subway sandwich is perfect for breakfast, because it gives you energy for the day, although of course you can eat it anytime of the day. Creating your own gourmet sandwich is also very practical compared to buying your subway sandwich, especially if you eat with the whole family or friends.


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