How To Make a Tuna Salad Sandwich

In today’s world, thin is in and for some, this means cutting down on oily foods, exercising more and generally, eating less. However, there is a better solution. You can still eat and lose weight just as long as you eat the right food. Tuna is one of the healthiest foods in the world. It is low in fat and good for your body. A salad is a really healthy meal on its own mostly made up of veggies and cheeses. A sandwich is also a healthier option for taking in carbs. So by combining tuna and salad and spreading it on bread, you have a very healthy meal. The following steps can show you make a tuna salad sandwich:

  • Buy your ingredients. Before you start making your sandwich, you first need to buy the ingredients. For you tuna sandwich, the amount of ingredients you will need depends on how many you are feeding. If you are just making a sandwich for yourself, then you will just need a can of tuna, some greens like celery and pickles, a few tablespoons of mayonnaise and of course two slices of bread either wheat or non wheat. Then you can add some spices like pepper and chili flakes, depending on your preference.
  • Prepare the ingredients. First, start preparing the tuna. Open up the can and drain the tuna as well as you can and put the chunks in a big bowl for mixing. Next, dice up the vegetables and add them to the bowl with tuna. Afterwards, season it with salt and pepper and chili, depending on your preference. Next, open up a bottle of mayonnaise and add one to two tablespoons of mayo into the mixture. If you want to make your spread moister, add a bit more mayo or add the brine from your pickles. Once you are satisfied with your spread, mix everything together. Make sure to mix it well so the flavors are evenly spread out.
  • Making the sandwich. At this point, your spread has already been mixed. Grab two slices of bread and lay them on a plate. If you want, you can still add more greens before applying the spread. You can add lettuce, tomatoes or even asparagus to it. Once you are done adding to the sandwich, apply the spread evenly on both sides. When you are done spreading the tuna salad, you can toast the bread for a better eating experience.
  • Always remember the following. Keep in mind at all times the following tips: once you have finished making your spread, always keep it refrigerated so it can last longer. Also, be as creative as possible with sandwich. You do not have to create a conventional tuna salad sandwich. Be creative and make your own. You can add cheeses, mustards and other sauces to your spread. Lastly, make sure to buy well-packed and sealed tuna in water and also your other ingredients. You do not want to eat something that is almost rotten.

After following the aforementioned recipe, you have no made and soon to be eating your very own tuna salad sandwich. Now you have an easy and quick to make, healthy dish for parties and get-togethers.


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