How To Make a Yogurt Shake

If there’s one thing that can make your mouth water during those hot and idle summer days, it has to be a tempting yogurt shake. Surprise your family and friends by treating each of them to a glass of yogurt shake by following this healthy and yummy recipe!

  • Consider the benefits of a yogurt shake. Yogurts shakes have been known to aid in digestion and go as far as help your body in keeping a fit and tip-top condition. Compared to other shakes out there, this particular yogurt shake’s calorie intake sits around 150-200 calories. If that’s not tempting enough, this recipe is ultimately tasty, flavorful and it will definitely keep you coming back for more!
  • Consider using some fat free or low-fat products for your yogurt shake. Of course, the most important ingredient for your shake is the yogurt. While you are given free rein to choose from the various flavors found in your supermarket, you are most likely to use all, if not, 3/4s of your yogurt. As far as fruits are concerned, it might be best to purchase those frozen berry packs instead of going through the process of prepping (although you can do this if you wanted to). In any case, at least two cups of frozen fruit cut into bite-sized pieces is needed. As for the liquids, you can either make use of half a cup of milk or some fruit juice. Obviously, your juice should complement the kinds of fruits you plan to use for your yogurt shake. Finish this list off with a tablespoon of white sugar.
  • Toss the ingredients into the blender. The blending process should be quite simple and very easy to do. After preparing your ingredients, start tossing them into your blender in the following sequence and arrangement: first, add you’re the binding solvent of your yogurt shake. This could be either milk or juice. Second, add in your frozen bite-sized fruit tidbits. Third, pour in your yogurt. You can eyeball the amount of yogurt you use although this recipe is intended for at least two servings. Finally, take your tablespoon of sugar and slide that into your blender.
  • Blend all the ingredients together. Now, you are ready to turn your yogurt shake fantasies into a reality. Set the speed of your blender at standard or medium puree. You’ll know when to stop blending once your shake’s consistency thickens and smoothens altogether. This is all about eyeballing since most blenders work at different rates and speeds. At least 20-30 seconds should be good enough on a standard speed. You know you’re overdoing it once you’ve reached a minute.
  • Pour yourself (and anyone else) a glass of yogurt shake. While transferring the shake into a glass or pitcher, make sure to get all the tiny bits stuck at the bottom of the blender. More often than not, the blender has a greedy tendency to keep all the good stuff at the bottom. Make sure to store whatever you’re unable to finish in your fridge for safekeeping. After pouring yourself a glass of some refreshingly wonderful yogurt shake, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Regardless of what you’ve heard, you don’t need to run to the mall to grab a cold glass to refresh yourself with a yogurt shake. Just be putting your blender to good use, shakes can be made in the confines of the great indoors.


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