How To Make an Ice Centerpiece

Ice sculptures scream sophistication and expense when displayed at parties or special events. If you want to dress up your event but don't want to add the expense to your budget, consider making an ice centerpiece. With some preparation time and creativity you can make ice centerpieces for your special event. Just follow these steps.

  1. Decide upon a design. Before you start freezing water in any container you can find plan your design. You'll be much happier with the well thought out result. A simple ice centerpiece can be created with two graduated cake pans and a cupcake pan or consider using martini glasses or a favorite vase as the mold for your sculpture. Select fresh flower petals, berries or twigs to provide color to your centerpieces. Or get creative with colorful glass or stones.
  2. Place the objects into the mold. If you are using colorful elements, place them into the mold first.
  3. Add clear water. For the clearest if ice centerpieces you need water with little mineral or contaminant content. Use filtered or distilled water if you have them available. If you don't have filtered water, consider boiling the water to remove particles. Then transfer the boiled water to a clean bowl to let it cool before you add it to the mold. Boiling water might cause your petals to wilt before the water can be frozen into shape.
  4. Arrange the decorative elements. Some of your petals and twigs might float to the top of the water when you pour the water into the mold. Use your fingers to lightly push them down into the water until they are saturated enough to stay put. Or arrange them on the side of the mold dish so they will be visible on the outside of the ice centerpiece later.
  5. Freeze the mold. Place the mold into the freezer for several hours until the centerpiece is frozen all the way through. For best results, try to prepare the centerpiece the night before use.
  6. Remove ice from the mold. When you are ready to display your centerpiece, carefully remove the ice from the mold.
  7. Place the ice on a tray. The ice will melt while on display so place it on a large tray or dish that will catch the water throughout your meal. If the dish is too shallow you may find yourself cleaning up a spill or having to drain the water halfway through the meal and ruining the atmosphere you worked to create.
  8. Arrange centerpiece. If you have more than one mold and are stacking them for a dramatic look, arrange them on the tray so they work together and do not slide. If you have the space consider assembling the centerpiece, letting it sit for twenty to thirty minutes for the ice to begin melting then place the entire piece in the freezer for another hour. This refreezing will help keep the assembled pieces together.
  9. Accent the centerpiece with candles. One of the beauties of ice is that it reflects light. By placing a candle close enough to the ice for the reflection (but not too close to hasten melting) you can create a warm and inviting centerpiece style.

With some planning and time you can make an ice centerpiece that will stun your guests without breaking the bank. Consider these tips and get creative for your next special event.


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