How To Make Baked Brie

Whether for the coming holiday seasons or just your regular talk sessions with friends, appetizers are one of the best ways to start a meal and keep the conversations flowing. To help you easily prepare for a party without worrying about the menu, baked brie is one of the options that you should consider. Brie and other cheese products are among the classic party foods. Through baked brie, you are turning a classic cheese item into something more delicious – without any hassle. Here are the steps.

  1. Prepare the ingredients. You need to have a Brie wheel, slivered almonds, nonstick cooking spray, peach jam or apricot jam, crackers and baguettes. You also need an oven safe glass dish. Most grocery shops have cheese counters where you can purchase the brie wheel. The glass dish should be larger than the brie wheel that you will use.
  2. Cut the top off the brie. The first step to making your baked brie is to cut off the surface of the brie. You can do this by using a fish line. Place the brie wheel on a clean and open surface, and position the fish line just below the surface. Run the fish line slowly and carefully across the top, to remove the crust. This will leave you with a clean surface to work on. You can also use a knife to shear off the top of the brie wheel. This, however, will result in an uneven surface.
  3. Add the toppings. Once this is done, the next step is to place the toppings for your baked brie. The usual toppings are jam and almonds. However, you can also use combinations of other ingredients, such as cherries or other fruits that are available in season. If you are experimenting with a new combination, however, it is best to make a sample first, before serving the appetizer for your guest. One of the commonly used alternatives to top baked brie is blueberries. Arrange the toppings by creating a layer of jam on top of the brie first. The jam will also serve to keep the toppings in place. Sprinkle the almonds on top afterwards. You can add a final dollop of jam on top of the almond, to sandwich these carefully.
  4. Bake. Place the brie on an oven that has been preheated to a temperature of 325 degree Fahrenheit. Usually, the brie will bake in about 20 or 25 minutes. One of the indicators that your cheese has been fully baked is when the edges begin to froth and bubble.
  5. Serve. After the cheese has finished baking, you can serve it on a platter arranged with some crackers or the baguette. As an alternative, you can also pre-cut the baguettes or crackers and add the baked brie. Serve these with white wine.

December is at hand, and there are many parties that you will have to prepare. By mastering baked brie, you will have a quick and easy recipe to entertain guests with before serving the main meal. For after work drinks, baked brie may also be served.


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