How To Make Biscuits and Gravy

You'll Have Your Whole Family Singing Dixie for More!

If you hail from the South, you can stop readin' right here because, just like me, you were born knowin' how to make biscuits and gravy. You have eaten them every Sunday morning that you can remember. And they were most likely the first pieces of solid food that were ever placed in your pretty little mouth! If you're not from the South, keep on readin', Honey! I"ll teach you how to make the best darn buttered biscuits and gravy North AND South of the Mason Dixon Line!  Follow these simple steps, and you'll have your whole family singin' Dixie for more!  If you want to learn other delicious recipes from all over these United States - and beyond - then check out 20 Cookbooks for $'ll find dozens of recipes and great cooking tips, too!

To make biscuits and gravy:

  1. Bake your biscuits: You can make them from scratch if you'd like. But just between you and me... I've never met a bag of frozen biscuits that I didn't fall in love with. They're quick, they're easy, and they're mighty tasty. And you don't have mess with all the rollin' and cuttin' out of the homemade variety. Whichever you choose, don't forget to butter 'em up real nice when they're done!
  2. Fry that bacon: If you're gonna make gravy, you gotta have grease! Plain and simple. So grab your skillet, Honey! And get to fryin'! Fry up that whole darn package! And when you're done, set the bacon aside because you're gonna need it again real soon.
  3. Pour off that grease: Now your bacon's good and crispy, and your grease is good and hot and your family's good and hungry! So you better get busy! Pour off a lot of that extra grease and put it aside. Just leave enough to cover the bottom of that skillet, and turn your heat to low. All good gravy comes from the South, and you just can't rush a Southerner!
  4. Add that flour: Take a couple of heapin' spoons of flour and add it back in to the skillet. Stir the flour into the grease, until you form a thickened paste. Let that paste brown up for a minute or two -- but be careful, you don't want to let it burn!
  5. Add that milk: Pour milk into your pan slowly. Pour it until about three quarters of the skillet is full. Add in two pinches of salt and two pinches of pepper. And get to stirrin'! Stir that gravy like a Texas twister! It will slowly come to a boil and thicken' up for you. When it gets thick, take it off the heat, and just leave it alone for a minute.
  6. Back in with the bacon: Just before you slather your biscuits with gravy, crumble in the bacon strips that you fried earlier. This little touch will give your gravy a little Southern grit, and a lot of Southern flavor.
  7. Slather those biscuits: If you can still see the biscuit, then you need more gravy! So go ahead Honey, smother those biscuits! And if there's any gravy left on their plates after they're done eatin', they can grab another biscuit and sop up the rest.

Eat 'em for breakfast. Eat 'em for lunch. Eat 'em for supper! It doesn't matter, really! Any time's a great time for some good ol' biscuits and gravy!


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I make 'em every Saturday morning. Great recipe. I always like to see how other people do it. Great article!

By Alan Hammond