How To Make Chocolate-Coated Candy

Everybody loves candy. While it may not be the best idea for those trying to watch their figures, it's simply undeniable that most people have a sweet tooth that's just impossible to suppress! The call of sweets is often irresistible, so many try to explore new ways of making new desserts and delectable confections.

An emerging trend that's hard to miss nowadays is chocolate-coated candy. For years now, people have been coating everything with chocolate. Despite being heavy on the calories, chocolate has now been proven to help prevent certain diseases; it even has positive effects on the heart. Candy is obviously a high-calorie treat, but anything taken in moderation is all right as long as you have a balanced diet and set aside enough time and effort for regular exercise.

Here's how you can make chocolate-coated candy.

  1. First, get your chocolate. Chocolates come in very different types. If you like your chocolate to come with a biting, bitter taste of cocoa, go for the dark chocolates. These types are seen as the real gourmet products, since they capture the essence of what cocoa tastes like. If you're more into the conventional sweet and creamy taste, a Hershey or Crunch bar can also be a great option. Milk chocolates are a good alternative for those who like their chocolates creamy. The more health-conscious individuals can opt for sugar-free brands. All these can be bought in bulk in any confectionery.
  2. The chocolates must be melted in a double boiler. Heating them in a saucepan can easily cause the chocolate to burn and stick to the bottom of the pan. A double boiler prevents this from happening, since there are two pans stacked on top of each other. The bottom pan is filled with water which is in turn heated by the stove. The water then melts the chocolate on the topmost pan.
  3. Choose your candy. You can be as creative as you want here. While candied fruits can be the most obvious choice to be dipped and chocolate-coated, it never hurts to experiment. Your imagination is the only limitation. If you want, you can do this as a treat for your guests at a dinner party. Have the candies laid out on a table and let your guests take choose their own candies and dip them in different fondue pots. It should be interesting to see how chocolate works with candies such as mints, gummy candies, lollipops or even marshmallows.
  4. If you're preparing the candies for a later date, let them cool and dry on a piece of wax paper. You may also chill them to shock the chocolate into setting faster on the surface of the candy. You can wrap your chocolate coated candies in plastic wrappers - or you can use tinfoil - to help preserve the chocolate. Just make sure you don't leave these candies left out a warm room as the chocolate will surely melt.

Chocolate-coated candies can definitely make any party buzz with anticipation! Your guests will surely remember you for it. 


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