How To Make Cinnamon and Sugar Doughnut Holes

If you are looking for a sweet and delectable treat to serve your guests after a full meal, then you will definitely want to consider this particular delicacy, donut holes covered with cinnamon and white sugar. The recipe below only requires you to deep fry these tasty treats hence, no baking required. Follow these steps to create your first batch.

  • Secure the ingredients. For this recipe, you will need to purchase an entire can or jar of refrigerated soft biscuits, the type you can mold. Of course, you will need refined white sugar and cinnamon powder. The recipe requires a deep fryer. If you have none, then the alternative would be a large and deep pan. Once you have all of these, you can proceed.
  • Form the doughnut holes. As mentioned previously, the main ingredient for the doughnut holes will be soft and moldable biscuits. What you will want to do is to layout the biscuits onto a sheet of wax paper and cut each biscuit into four halves. The entire can net you around 40 to 50 doughnut holes. Anyway, once you have the halves, use your hand to form them into balls similar to doughnut holes. Place each balled up biscuit inside a bowl and set it aside. At this point in time, you should already be preheating he deep fryer. If you are using the alternative, then place the large and deep frying pan on the burner and pour in a lot of cooking oil. Heat it up to a boil.
  • Prepare the breading. Technically, this is not breading but more of a dry batter. In a mixing bowl, pour in 3 cups of white sugar followed by half a cup of cinnamon powder. Sift and stir until the two ingredients become one. Once that is done, you can proceed with the frying of the doughnut holes.
  • Start frying. Roll each balled biscuit into the bowl full of the cinnamon and sugar mixture. Make sure you coat the entire balled biscuit. Drop the ball into the already boiling deep fryer. Repeat the process until you fill up the deep fryer. The biscuits should cook quickly, about a minute or two. So make sure to keep tabs on each doughnut hole you fry. If you are using the alternative to the deep fryer, you will definitely want to have a spatula with you to stir and immerse each ball into the hot oil for an even cook.

Once the doughnut holes have cooked, remove them from the fryer and place them on a dish lined with paper towels. Leave them there to drain and cool for about 3 minutes before transferring them on a serving platter.

The doughnut holes are best served warm with a side of orange juice or milk. While the cinnamon and sugar flavoring should be enough for anyone with a sweet tooth, you may want to consider having a chocolate dip ready as well. This can add a twist to the doughnut holes. To prepare the chocolate dip, simple melt a bar of Hershey’s chocolate in a microwave oven. Once the chocolate melts, leave it to cool for about 5 minutes then serve. Have them dip each doughnut hole into the chocolate before consuming it.


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