How To Make Confetti Cannons

The sole purpose for parties and celebrations is to have loads and loads of fun. One thing that makes parties extra fun is confetti. Who would not want to be showered down by bits and pieces of colorful paper? However, traditional confetti requires you to place them on the ceiling so that it drops on everyone. A great alternative to this is a confetti canon, which can blast a lot of confetti to a group of people. The article below will show you how to make confetti canons.

  • Gather your equipment. To be able to make your own confetti cannons, you need a machine that uses enough pressure to shoot the confetti out, just like a canon One machine that fits the bill is a Kleer Drain that can be bought in most hardware stores. Next, get yourself a glue gun with some glue sticks, a toilet tube or the tube from toilet paper, a hose clamp, some rope and grab some pads as well, which will be used as your safety gear.
  • Follow the manual. After you buy your Kleer Drain or any other machine that can be used as a canon, read its safety manual. After you read through it thoroughly, put the machine together. However, for the Kleer Drain, do not place the carbon dioxide cartridge yet. Only do so once so you are ready to fire.
  • Create your confetti. This part is the easiest and the most fun to do. For this you will need paper. Any paper will do. Try to make sure you use recycled paper for your confetti so we can help save Mother Nature! You can also use colored art paper, construction paper, some shiny paper or some crepe paper. Now cut your paper. You can do it by hand or use a machine, just make sure your confetti comes out as small squares. You can also get thin strips of paper and wind it around a pen to make coiled confetti. This adds to the fun and decorations.
  • Start turning it into a canon. Put some glue on your tube (toilet or toilet paper) and stick it to the hole of the Kleer Drain. The tube gives your canon a long range effect. Next, grab your rope and create two loops and set it aside. Now, attach your hose clamp to the handle of the Kleer Drain (the part you have to press so there is pressure). Next, thread both loops beneath the hose clamp so that the middle of both rope loops are holding the container. Make sure the rope loops are of proper length so they can reach your fingers when firing and are over the Kleer Drain’s handles.
  • Some additional reminders. Make sure to clean up after you fire your confetti canons. Just to warn you, it is very tedious to clean up so make sure you try them out outdoors on a breezeless afternoon. Also, when using, especially with kids, use the safety gear. You are trying to have more fun so remember, safety first.

By reading the article above, you now know how to make confetti canons. These canons are great for parties, celebrations and just about any and every day.


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