How To Make Cucumber Juice

Drinking fruit and vegetable juice is good for the health since they contain the vitamins and nutrients that the body needs. One of the juices that you can make is a cucumber juice. Cucumber juice is beneficial since it can help neutralize the body’s acidity levels. Aside from this, cucumber juice is also good for lowering the blood pressure and can aid in dissolving kidney stones. The steps in making cucumber juice are easy. Find out how to do this by reading the instructions below.

  • Choosing cucumbers. When making cucumber juice, use only fresh cucumber. Go to your local supermarket or grocery store and buy cucumbers. Choose cucumbers that have skin that is dark green in color and firm. Do not choose the ones that have a yellowish tint and that are soft to the touch. Be sure to check the wrapper for the cucumber so that you can get the organically grown cucumbers.
  • Wash the cucumbers. Wash the cucumbers under running water. You can use a vegetable brush to clean the skin of the cucumber. Do not peel off the cucumber’s skin since it is the part that contains a lot of vitamin A that is good for the body.
  • Cut the cucumbers. Cut your cucumbers into thinner slices so that it is easier to blend.
  • Blend the cucumbers. Get your blender and place the cucumber pieces inside. Blend until the pieces have been liquefied.
  • Serving the cucumber juice. Get your glass and put a strainer over it. Pour out the cucumber juice into the glass. The strainer will get rid of the large pieces or pulp so that you can have a smooth cucumber juice.

These are the steps that you can follow if you want to make cucumber juice at home. The steps are really simple and you can prepare the juice in just a few minutes. There are also plenty of other juice recipes that you can make. You can combine other fruits and vegetables to the cucumber to make it tastier. Find out how to make these other recipes by following the tips below.

  • Cucumber body cleanser drink. You can prepare a cucumber cleanser drink by blending together 4 carrots, a beet and half a cucumber. Blend the ingredients well and serve. This juice is good for the complexion and it will give your skin a healthy glow.
  • Mint cucumber juice. This juice recipe is good for the skin and it is also a good way to keep your body hydrated. Blend together a cucumber, mint leaves, a cup of water, half a ginger, a teaspoon of curd and coriander leaves. The mint leaves will keep your body refreshed. Prepare this drink during hot summer months.
  • Apple cucumber juice. For this recipe, prepare a cucumber, an apple and 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley. Mix the ingredients together in your blender. This recipe is good for people who have liver problems.

Now you know how to prepare healthy drinks for yourself and for your whole family. 


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