How To Make Cucumber Sandwiches for English Teatime!

Cucumber sandwiches are a traditional snack that is served during tea time. There are plenty variations of this sandwich that have been made over the years. These are also best served during the summertime as cucumber is an ingredient that gives a cooling feeling. You can make cucumber sandwiches to serve to your guests when you have tea time at your house. The procedure for making these sandwiches is quite simple.

Here are the steps on how you can make cucumber sandwiches for English tea time:

  1. Ingredients. The ingredients that you will need for cucumber sandwiches are fresh cucumber, your choice of bread, butter, salt and some vinegar. You may find these ingredients at home. The bread that you use for the cucumber sandwiches must be at least a day old.
  2. Preparation. Prepare the bread and the cucumbers. Cut up the bread into thin slices. This is the traditional way of serving the cucumber sandwiches. Afterwards, cut up the cucumbers into very thin slices. You have to get rid of the excess water in the cucumber so that your sandwiches won’t turn soggy and still have a bite to them when you eat them. Get a small container and put a little bit of vinegar and salt inside. Afterwards, add in the cucumber slices. Leave the container with the cucumber, salt and vinegar for about half an hour. Shake the container before getting the slices of cucumber. Lay out some kitchen towels and lay down the cucumber on them so that the excess liquids can be absorbed.
  3. Making the sandwiches. Now the next step is to make the sandwiches. To do this, prepare the bread. Spread a little amount of butter on the insides of the bread. Afterwards, place some cucumber slices in between the slices of bread. The number of cucumber slices that you place in between the bread depends on you but for the traditional cucumber sandwiches, a few slices will do.
  4. Serving the bread. For traditional tea time, the cucumber sandwiches that are served there have no edges. You can do this easily by lining up the sandwiches and slicing off the edges. Now you are ready to serve the cucumber sandwiches. If you want a more authentic tea time feel, you can serve them with a lace doily. Serve with your favorite cup of tea and you will surely have a great English tea time with your guests.

These are the simple steps on how you can make cucumber sandwiches for tea time. You can also make your own variations for these cucumber sandwiches. You can just put on some of the ingredients that you enjoy. Some of the things that you can add to the cucumber sandwiches are slices of tomato, some lettuce, cream cheese, jam, etc.

If you want, you can also serve other types of sandwiches during your English tea time. This will give your guests more types of sandwiches to choose from. You will surely impress them with these preparations that you made. 


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