How To Make Easy Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? All of us grew up with chocolate chip cookies on the cookie jar at home. Not only kids love these, but also adults. These are favorite snacks and are easy to grab when you’re in a hurry and you really need something to fill your empty stomach.

If you want to make chocolate chip cookies but don’t know how to bake or you don’t want to eat cookies with raw eggs, you can make easy and edible chocolate chip cookie dough. You don’t have to be a pastry chef to do this. This is very simple and you’ll surely have fun making these.

Here are the steps on how to easily make edible chocolate chip cookie dough.

  • Get the materials and ingredients that you will use in making the cookies. The things that you will need in making these cookies are 1 pack of chocolate chips, brown sugar (1 ½ cup), butter (1 cup), all purpose flour (2 cups), vanilla extract (2 teaspoon), water (1 tablespoon), salt (1 teaspoon), wax paper, mixing bowl and cookie sheets.
  • Combine Ingredients. Soften the butter on the mixing bowl then add brown sugar (1 ½ cup). Mix the two ingredients properly. Add all purpose flour (2 cups), vanilla extract (2 teaspoon), water (1 tablespoon) and salt (1 teaspoon) to the mixture on the mixing bowl. Mix the ingredients of the cookies thoroughly. You can use your bare hands in mixing the ingredients or you can use plastic gloves which are used for cooking or baking. If you will be mixing the ingredients using your bare hands, make sure that these are cleaned properly.
  • Prepare the cookie sheets. Make sure that the cookie sheets are clean and dry. Put wax papers on top of the cookie sheets. This is where you will put the cookies.
  • Make the cookie balls. You can now make cookie balls using your hands. If you have something to use to shape your cookies like a melon baller, you can use this in making your cookie balls. Place the cookie balls that you made on top of the cookie sheets with wax papers.
  • Coat the cookies with chocolate. You can actually put the cookies on the fridge already and eat these as they are. But to make your cookies even yummy, coat these with chocolate for your sweet and delicious chocolate chip cookie dough. Put chocolate chips on a microwave safe bowl and melt the cookies on the oven.

Make sure to stir the chips every now and then until smooth. You can now dip the cookies that you made on the smooth chocolate chips. Use a toothpick or a fork when dipping. Your cookies will now be covered with chocolate. Put these back on the cookie sheets and place these on the fridge.

Anytime you want to eat chocolate chip cookies, you can get some on the fridge. You can also put these on a zip lock so you can free up more space on the fridge. If you have kids at home, serve these after playing and they will surely enjoy your edible chocolate chip cookie dough.


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