How To Make Elegant Cake Decorations from Edible Flowers

Using edible flowers on a cake is one way to make the cake more elegant. Edible flowers are usually seen on wedding cakes and on small cupcakes for special celebrations. Ordering cakes with edible flowers can be expensive. If you know how to bake a cake, then you can make your own cake with edible flowers as decorations. Find out how to do this below.

Here are the steps you can follow for making elegant edible flowers for cake decoration.

  • Ingredients and materials that you need. The ingredients and materials that you need for this are edible flowers, powdered egg white, confectioner’s sugar and water. Prepare a whisk, cookie sheet, wax paper, fine tipped paint brush, mixing bowls, a slotted spoon and some paper towels. You can purchase edible flowers from your local special food store. Make sure that the flowers are organically grown and free of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Prepare the flowers. Get a mixing bowl and fill it with cold water. Place the edible flowers inside and carefully mix the water to get rid of unwanted materials. Use a slotted spoon to get the flowers and lay them on some paper towels so that the excess water can be absorbed.
  • Prepare egg white mixture. Prepare another mixing bowl and add 2 tablespoons each of the powdered egg whites and water. Whisk the mixture until has a foamy consistency.
  • Coat the edible flowers with egg white. Now you can coat the edible flowers with the egg white mixture. This will allow the sugar to stick to the flowers. Use your tweezers to handle the edible flowers by the stem so that you do not damage it. Use the paintbrush and dip it in the egg white mixture. Paint the flower with the egg whites until you have coated every inch of the flower.
  • Sprinkle some sugar. Prepare your confectioner’s sugar on a small bowl. You can also use granulated white sugar if you want sugar crystals on the flower. Get a small spoon and gently sprinkle some sugar over the flowers. Shake the excess sugar off and place the coated flowers on a cookie sheet with wax paper. Allow the flowers to dry. This can take up to a few hours. To be sure, let the flowers dry for 24 hours.
  • Store the flowers. Once dry, you can already use the flowers or store them. You can store them and they will last for several weeks. However, it is best to use the flowers as soon as possible so that they still have their vibrant color.

Now you can decorate your cake with the edible flowers that you have prepared. The steps are really easy to follow and you can have an elegant cake in no time. Use fresh and colorful flowers for your cake. You can also use edible flowers to garnish other meals that you prepare at home. To get an idea on how to choose edible flowers, you can visit the website What's Cooking America -- Edible Flower Chart.


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