How To Make Fire Pit Corn on the Cob

Delicious Corn on the Cob While Camping in the Wilderness or Your Own Backyard

During the early summer, gardens produce peas, blueberries, strawberries, rhubarb, and herbs. Mid-summer brings us green beans, wax beans, squashes of all makes and sizes, bell peppers and maybe even hot jalapenos for salsa. But by late summer, the bounty of gardens across the country produce succulent, crisp corn just ripe for the picking.

There are basically two types of sweet corn – white and yellow – with a myriad of hybrids in between. All are great for this recipe.

You will need:

  • Large tub
  • Salt, pepper and butter
  • Heavy-duty foil
  • Firepit

Step 1

When picking out fresh ears of corn:

  • Look for pale husk leaves.
  • Check to make sure the silk at the end of the corn has started to turn brown but still slightly moist (not completely brown and dried out).
  • If possible, you might even want to peel open a small portion at the top to check for kernel freshness. The kernels should be plump and milky in appearance, and fully grown almost to the top of the cob.

Step 2

Prepare corn for roasting:

  • Fill large tub with water.
  • Add a couple tablespoons of salt and stir.
  • Leaving husks on corn, place in water.
  • Soak four to five hours.

Step 3

Get coals in the firepit ready:

  • About an hour or so before roasingt the corn, build a roaring fire,using cooking-appropriate wood (never any wood with creosote in it). Please use all the necessary precautions while building and maintaining the fire.
  • Once there are burning coals, with no large flames, spread out these coals slightly to provide a roasting surface for the corn.

Step 4

Do final preparations of corn:

  • Remove corn from the tub of water. Drain the tub for use later.
  • Let excess water drain off.
  • Leaving husks on, wrap each piece in a large portion of heavy-duty foil, sealing both ends.

Step 5

Roast the corn:

  • Place each foil-wrapped piece of corn on the coals.
  • With an appropriate tool, move some of the coals over the tops of the corn.
  • Roast about 5-8 minutes, then rotate slightly.
  • Repeat this twice so the corn has been on the fire 15-25 minutes. This is subjective, so you might want to experiment for doneness with one after about 15 minutes.
  • Remove corn from coals.
  • Set in drained tub and let cool slightly.

Step 6


  • Carefully peel off the foil and discard.
  • Peel back the husk leaves, but leave attached to the base.
  • Remove as much silk as possible.
  • Butter, salt and pepper as desired.

Be sure to remember the foil, husk leaves and the corn will be very hot – so please be careful. And always use appropriate firepit tools – the right tool for the right job makes for easier tasks and safe outcomes. And remember adult supervision is always advised.

But, most importantly, enjoy your roasted corn!


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