How To Make Healthy Choices at the Pizzeria

Eating pizza is often deemed as very unhealthy because food there is almost always rich in cholesterol, sodium and fat. But this doesn't necessarily hold true. There are several pizza parlors that also offer alternatives for health buffs and those conscious about getting fat. One such place is at The Pizzeria. You can eat good and healthy food there, without sacrificing taste and flavor. All it takes is in knowing what food to eat and what best choices to make.

The Pizzeria offers a good selection of salads rich in vegetables, tomato and protein. They go well with the pizza ordered, or simply just eaten solo. If you choose to go with this dish, ask for olive oil or vinegar as your dressing instead of what is usually offered. Choosing mayonnaise based dressing, such as Thousand Island, French or Ranch, defeats the purpose of eating healthy as mayonnaise or sour cream is laden with fat.  If you don’t want to sacrifice flavor though, you can request for Lite Ranch or Lite Italian, as the restaurant also offers these. 

Avoid any meat to be included in your salad. If you cannot help it, choose chicken over beef or pork. Also avoid too much cheese, if not, do away with it completely.  They do make the food more flavorful but these are so rich in saturated fat and sodium. It’s very fattening.

The Pizzeria also offers dinner and sandwich choices. They have a good selection of chicken dishes that are oven baked. This is so much better than fried food you often find at fast food joints. They also have a good selection of shrimp and fish dinners that should leave you full and satisfied, without feeling your waistline expanding.

As for pizza choices, The Pizzeria offers two varieties that should feed your pizza cravings without causing you heartburn or putting your cholesterol into overdrive. The Pizzeria has their Veggie Pizza, which has a healthy helping of all-vegetables and no meat, and the Weight Watchers, which also has vegetables in it, plus a delicious serving of chicken.

America’s favorite food, the pizza, has earned a reputation for being both healthy and unhealthy. Take note of these the next time you order from The Pizzeria:

  • Tomatoes, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese in moderation are healthy diet options.
  • Extra cheese, stuff crust, extra thick pie and meat-lovers toppings are highly saturated and unhealthy options.
  • If you are really watching your weight, go with the thin crust pizza, rather than the thick crust or oven baked kind. They taste just as good, but it’s less fattening.
  • Do not order more than you can eat. Just order the regular sized pizza, if there are two of you.  Avoid the extras, such as breadsticks or the sauces as they may contain saturated fat. If you really can’t help it, at least be disciplined in ordering and eating just enough to have a taste of it.


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