How To Make Lollipop Art

Lollipops are one of the classic treats that small children love. Make lollipops even more fun by creating your own lollipop art. Lollipop art is great project for you and your kids, and will help you in displaying lollipops in a fun and decorative fashion. All you need are paints and brushes, a small terra cotta pot, green foam, hot glue, and artificial leaves. Any lollipop you choose will work for the project.

Paint the pot. Begin by sketching a design on the terra cotta pot. Use a regular lead pencil to draw the outline on the pot. Add decorations for the lips of the pot, and a separate design on the body of the pot. You can create one continues pattern that will serve as the body design for the entire pot, or you can create one design for the front side of the pot, and another design for the back of the pot. Use acrylics to fill in the lines, and use black paint to create the lines that will help make the image stand out. You can enlist your kids to help in creating the design.

Add green foam. Next, take green foam and cut it according to the size of the terra cotta pot. Use hot glue to secure the green foam into place. Green foam can be purchased in most gardening shops. You may need to add a bit of water onto the green foam if it is too dry. Green foam is also used to keep flower stems fresh, through the water that is placed in the green foam.

Decorate the lollipops. Next, take a bag of lollipops and attach plastic leaves onto the stem of the lollipops. Use hot glue to secure the plastic leaves into place. You will only need to place around one or two leaves for each lollipop. If you are planning on making a bulging lollipop art, you may choose not to add leaves on the lollipops that will be placed at the center of the pot, since the leaves will only take space. Be sure, however, to add leaves on the lollipops that will be placed on the edge of the pot. You can also add three to four leaves on the lollipops on the outer edge of the pot, which are most visible.

Arrange onto the pot. Next, insert the lollipops onto the pot by inserting the first stick into the center of the pot. Take another lollipop and place it next to the center lollipop. The succeeding lollipops should be arranged around the center lollipop into a spiral that moves outward.

Afterwards, add the finishing touches by inserting Spanish moss into the base of the lollipops. The Spanish moss will keep the green foam away from sight, and will give a grassy feel for the surface of the pot. You can place the lollipop art at home, or give these as easy to make and inexpensive presents for small children with a sweet tooth.


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