How To Make Old Fashioned Giblet Gravy

Making a Large Amount of Gravy to Feed a Household

Do you have to cook for a large crowd for the holidays? Then this is the recipe for you. It's simple and easy to make.

To make this gravy, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Turkey giblets (the parts that are stuck inside of your turkey)
  • Self-rising flour
  • Baked turkey drippings
  • Salt and pepper
  • Wire whisk
  • A couple of large pots


  1. Boil giblets in approximately 1/2 gallon of water. Cook until meat is completely done. Remove giblets from broth. You may dispose of the giblets. Cover broth and set aside for step 4.
  2. Remove all drippings from around turkey. Drain drippings from the pan in which you cooked the turkey. Place drippings in a large pot. Make sure pot is big enough for the giblet broth and the drippings.
  3. Heat drippings until boiling. Add 3/4 cup of self-rising flour to drippings, stirring continuously with wire whisk. Do not let flour mixture clump. If your mixture is thin, you can add a little more flour at a time until the mixture is a pasty consistency.
  4. Add giblet broth to flour mixture. It is very important that you keep stirring with the wire whisk while adding the broth.
  5. Bring to a slow boil. Gravy should thicken as it heats. Continue stirring to avoid lumps.
  6. Add salt and pepper to taste once gravy reaches desired consistency. Stir well to ensure that salt and pepper are evenly distributed in your gravy.
  7. Pour gravy into large bowl with ladle or into a gravy tureen. Guests may dip desired amount of gravy over their turkey or dressing.

This is a simple recipe that everyone can enjoy. It also works as a great cover-up if your turkey is too dry. Leftovers may be stored in the refrigerator or freezer for later use. A "helpful hint": If your gravy is too thin, mix about 3 tablespoons of self-rising flour and 1/2 cup of water in a cup or bowl. Whisk out all lumps. Appearance should be thin and watery. Bring gravy back to a boil, and while continuously stirring, add small amounts of this mixture until the gravy reaches its desired consistency.


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