How To Make Oreo Cookie Balls

Some people love sweets more than others. If you absolutely adore sweet dishes and desserts, one dish that you should try is the Oreo cookie balls. The Oreo cookie balls are very easy to prepare and are quite inexpensive to make. You can serve them during your children’s birthday parties, or you can make them just to quench your hunger for something sweet. Here’s how.

  • Blend the Oreo cookies. Start by taking an entire package of plain Oreos. Oreos these days come in many flavors. There are those that have double fillings, and there are those that come with strawberry, mint, and many other flavors. Unless you really love the other Oreo flavors, you should stick to the basic vanilla flavored Oreos. Remove the packaging from the Oreos and place the cookies in an electric blender. Turn on the blender on low until the Oreos have become crushed. Make sure, however, that you do not blend the cookies for too long, otherwise you will get powdery Oreo crumbs that are very difficult to form into balls.
  • Add some cream cheese. On a large bowl, pour the ground Oreo cookies and add ten ounces of cream cheese. The cream cheese will not just add flavor to the cookie balls, but will also moisten the cookie balls so that the cookie crumbs will stick to each other better. After adding in the cream cheese, mix well using a large spatula. Of course, you can also use your hands to do the mixing. If you are preparing the dish with your kids, allow your kids to mix in the crumbs with the cream cheese.
  • Melt some almond bark. After you have finished mixing the cream cheese with the Oreo cookie crumbs, the next step is to take a packet of almond bark and place this on a microwavable container. After adding the bark in the container, turn on the heat for a couple of seconds, or until the bark has melted fully. Make sure that you do not leave the bark in the microwave for too long, however, as this may cause the almond bark to turn sour and curdle in on it.
  • Roll the dough to size. Now, take some confectioner’s sugar and cover your hands with the fine, powdery sugar. This will keep the dough from sticking to your hands as you roll the dough into small balls. Use your hands to roll the dough into balls, and then take party toothpicks with some decorations and stick the toothpicks halfway into the balls. The toothpicks will help you pick up the Oreo balls. After adding the toothpicks, dip each Oreo cookie ball into the almond bark and make sure that all sides of the cookie balls are covered.

Once covered with the almond bark, simply place the Oreo cookie balls on a sheet of waxed paper and allow standing for around half an hour. During this half hour, the crumbs will absorb the flavor of the cream cheese, and the almond bark will crystallize and form a candy-like exterior for your Oreo cookie balls.


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