How To Make Perfect Corn on the Cob

The Simplest Technique for the Sweetest Results

There's nothing tastier than sweet summer corn. Here's a simple boiling technique that will bring out the delicious natural flavor of corn on the cob, every time.

  1. Always choose the freshest corn available. If you don't like what your supermarket has to offer, try finding a local farmer's market or natural foods store. Pull back the husk to reveal the kernels, which should be white (or yellow) and plump. Pop off a kernel and eat it--even raw corn should be sweet.
  2. Peel back the husk and pull off the majority of the silk strings. For the remaining small strings, use a dry basting brush to brush them off the cob. If you don't have a brush handy, try dragging a moist paper towel down the length of the cob.
  3. Fill a large pot with water, adding in a 1/4 cup of sugar for 1-4 cobs, 1/2 cup for 4-8 cobs.
  4. Place corn in an uncovered pot and bring to a boil.
  5. You'll know your water is boiling high enough once some of the cobs begin to roll. Continue boiling on high for 8-10 minutes.
  6. Carefully remove cobs with a set of tongs. You should be able to pop a kernel off the end fairly easily. Let cool on a paper towel.
  7. Enjoy with butter and salt!


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I'll have to try using sugar.

By Neil Lazarski