How To Make Popcorn Bags

It’s weekend! And you know what that means—weekend family movie! Of course, this will never be complete without everyone, without the best movie ever, and popcorn. But this weekend, try to give a little twist and a little fun to your home movie viewing. Don’t just pour in the popcorn in a big bowl. Add a movie theater feel to your weekend family bonding by making popcorn bags. Kids will surely love the special paper bag with popcorn in it. It’s easy to make popcorn bags. You don’t even need to spend the whole hour to make five bags. Just follow the steps below and enjoy!

  • Check if you have extra paper bags. Maybe you’ve just forgotten about the fancy paper bags you bought from the last year end sale of your favorite craft store. Paper bags will be very helpful in making popcorn bags extra easy and fast. If you don’t have any or enough paper bags, then go to the next step for the instructions on how to make some paper bags.
  • Choose a paper for making paper bags. Choose your preferred color and print of paper. Anything and any kind of paper will do as long as it is clean and safe. Choosing printed papers is better if you don’t want to add decoration on the paper bags. Striped, polka dots, and other prints are the best for popcorn bags.
  • Fold and glue the paper. To make a paper bag, lay it down on a flat surface first. It should be on its landscape orientation. Fold the paper vertically in half so that the two ends—left and right—will meet. Fold the open side of the folded paper to about half an inch. Doing this closes the open end, making the paper more like a tube with open top and bottom. Glue the fold to secure the paper. Don’t forget to glue the paper together, too. Fold again on the same side and glue it.
  • Fold at the bottom. Do the same kind of folding and gluing at the bottom of the paper. This leaves the top as the only open part of the paper bag. Actually, it is already a paper bag and soon will be your very own popcorn bag. Wait for the glue to dry before proceeding on the next step.
  • Decorate the paper bag. You may use a special pair of scissors to cut the open edges with shapes or you can do it with a normal pair of scissors. Stick on stickers. Write names, draw, or print “POPCORN” on the paper bag. Any design will do as long as it will not be harmful for the kids and it will keep the popcorn safe for foods. After decorating, your paper bag is ready to keep popcorn.
  • Cook popcorn and pour it in the popcorn bag. Only with some popcorn in the bag that this decorated paper bag can be called a popcorn bag.

Make as many popcorn bags as you like and then give each member of the family his very own bag. You can make a very big popcorn bag, too, and call it the family-sized popcorn bag. What’s important is that you’ll enjoy more the weekend movie viewing because of your homemade popcorn bags.


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