How To Make Punch with Dry Ice

Punch with dry ice is a good add on to any party. This is especially true if the party's theme requires some foggy effects, such as at a Halloween party. Follow the detailed steps below to make punch with dry ice and amaze your guests with this inspired cocktail.

  1. Know where to get dry ice that's fit for human consumption. Dry ice is simply the frozen form of the gas carbon dioxide. Dry ice can be acquired from factories that make regular ice. You can also check out ice cream stores in your area. Just make sure that you specify the type of dry ice you need. What you will need to buy is food grade dry ice. Food grade simply means that quality standards were followed to make sure the dry ice is clean and safe for human consumption. Also, dry ice is extremely cold and can cause serious burns to the skin when not handled properly. This is why you should take extra care when buying dry ice. Make sure that you bring an ice chest and some gloves to avoid having to directly touch the dry ice.
  2. Make sure your guests are informed as well.  Of course, you should make sure that your guests know the possible dangers of dry ice. But if you do not want your guests to know your little magic trick, then it would be best that you assign someone to do the lading of the drink. This is so the guests need not help themselves to the punch with dry ice. This way, the chances of the dry ice slipping into the guests' glasses are eliminated and in turn avoid any unnecessary accidents in the process.
  3. Start the process of making punch with dry ice. To make green punch with dry ice, you will need to mix a can (46 oz) of pineapple juice, half a cup of white granulated sugar, a small pack of lime flavored powder juice, and a quart of ginger ale into a quart of water. To make a strawberry flavored red punch, have three cans (6 oz) each of orange juice concentrate and pink lemonade concentrate purchased. Mix the juice concentrate as directed in the label. Now, pour the orange and pink lemonade juice into the punch bowl and add in a quart of ginger ale. You can add in frozen strawberries to the mixture of you want.

Again, dry ice can cause serious burns to the skin. It would even be more dangerous if it gets ingested. Not only will it cause burns to the tongue and mouth area, but can also cause choking. To avoid this, do not break the dry ice into small pieces, and only put in a whole block of dry ice into the punch bowl.


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