How To Make Roasted Vegetables Your Kids will Eat

Kids, pans and bowls, spoons, oil, salt and... fun! Mom, once you introducing your kids to the fun they can have in the kitchen roasting vegetables, you'll have a helper for as long as you need them... why they may even be helping out once they become teenagers!

Children are naturals when it comes to bringing out the pots and pans... just give them a spoon and away they go. You just need to direct all that energy into making a nutritious dish. Make sure everyone washes their hands before getting started. Preset the oven for 425 degrees.

Have some colorful veggies on hand like carrots, bell peppers (green and red), squash, onions, and potatoes (white, and sweet). Let the children handle the veggies. After all, they usually only see them once they are cooked and sometimes bear no resemblance to the raw vegetable.

Now to get the veggies ready you may need to step in and show how to cut them into bite size pieces. No child should be allowed to handle a kitchen knife! As you cut the vegetables, talk to your children about things that really matter...and about things that perhaps really do not matter a great deal. Then don't forget to listen as they tell you the things that are really, really important. It may be how Sally stuck her tongue out at her/him and how it hurt their feelings that a friend would do that.

After cutting the veggies, place them in a large bowl. Help the child measure out 1/4 cup olive oil. Pour this over the vegetables in the bowl. Let the child sprinkle salt on the veggies. Now comes the really fun part for all involved. Using your hands (mother and child both) mix the veggies, oil, and salt until the vegetables are coated really well with the oil. Mix, Mix, Mix. Laughter will help the oil coat better!!

Have a baking sheet lightly sprayed with vegetable spray ready to receive your veggies. Now very carefully pour the vegetables onto the baking sheet. Spread the veggies so they are not crowded together. Mom, it would probably be best if you place the baking sheet with veggies into the oven since it will be a little heavy for most small children.

Ok, now mom, take your child and go read their favorite book to them for about 30 or 40 minutes. After that time check your veggies. It they are to your liking, take them out of the oven and place in the prettiest serving bowl you have. Be sure to brag to everyone at the dinner table that the vegetables were prepared by your amazing youngster! She/He will be smiling from ear to ear and will probably say, "Pass the Vegetables Please!".


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