How To Make Sashimi

Are you a big fan of Japanese cuisine? Or, are you just a fan of fresh tuna recipes? If so, you will love to make your own sashimi at home. Once you know how to prepare sashimi, you will not anymore spend 20 dollars or more in a sushi bar. Since sashimi needs no cooking, it will be easier for you to make one at home. Check out how you can prepare tuna sashimi through this guide:

  • Grab all the ingredients for the sashimi dish. Prepare the following ingredients: half a pound of high quality tuna, a quarter cup of radishes, half a tablespoon of sesame seeds, half a cup of ponzu sauce, a tablespoon and a half of hot chili oil, scallions, and salt.
  • Prepare the fish for cutting. Choose a high quality tuna fish in the market. Discard all the dark portions of the tuna as they are not great for sashimi. Then, wash the tuna with cold water so as the tuna will come out firm once you slice it. Then, pat it dry with some clean paper towel. You can also choose to substitute tuna for the sashimi. Other great fish options include halibut, abalone, and whitefish.
  • Slice the tuna and the other ingredients. The secret towards a great sashimi dish is how you slice the tuna. Make sure that you slice the tuna thinly for the sashimi. This is true for the radishes and the scallions as well. Though you are slicing three ingredients in this step, do not mix them yet.
  • Divide the tuna slices into two different servings. Prepare two plates to serve the sashimi. Then, grab the thin slices of tuna and divide them into two portions. Place each portion into separate plates making sure that they are arranged carefully and neatly.
  • Season the tuna for the sashimi. You can season the tuna slices even if they are already in their serving plates. Season both plates with some sesame seeds and some salt. Take note that the amount of salt you sprinkle into the tuna slices depends on your taste.
  • Toss the radishes and scallions together. Get a small bowl that can accommodate the sliced scallions and radishes. Toss the two ingredients together in the bowl.
  • Make a sauce for the sashimi dish. Get a saucepan and place it over heat. Pour the ponzu sauce and the chili oil in the pan. Bring these two ingredients into a boil.
  • Add these ingredients into each tuna plate. Once the sauce is ready, pour it in on top of each serving of the tuna slices. Then, sprinkle the radish and scallion mixture on top. Once done, you can serve and enjoy the meal already. Take note that this sashimi dish must be served immediately right after you have prepared it.

Sashimi is truly one great dish that will let you experience the freshness of tuna. However, take note that preparing this dish requires a lot of care and speed. Since the tuna is not cooked here, it is important for you to know that the tuna must not be left for a long period of time. It will take not only the freshness of the tuna but also its flavor and taste.


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