How To Make Seven Layer Mexican Dip Quick and Easy

Are you tired of doing the same seven layer dip over and over again? You can turn the usual seven layer dip by making it a Mexican dish—the Seven Layer Mexican Dip. It is a party favorite that can be made quickly and easily. Basically, you only have to lay down the seven major ingredients that will make up the seven layers. The most difficult part is perhaps preparing these seven layers. Below are the steps on how to make this recipe:

  • Make a sour cream mixture. Mix a cup of sour cream, half cup of mayonnaise, and one pack of taco seasoning in a small bowl. Once they have combined well, keep the mixture in the refrigerator to chill.
  • Prepare the green onions. One bunch of fresh and green onions will be enough for this dip. Wash them first and then cut them into slices. Put in one container and then set aside.
  • Prepare the tomatoes. Wash two medium-sized tomatoes for this. Cut them in chunks and set them aside in a separate container. You may remove the seed or not. Removing the seeds is believed to prevent blocking of the appendix.
  • Prepare the avocados. Get about three fresh and ripe avocados. Wash them and slice in half. Remove the seed out and then slice the meat while it is still on the skin. Scoop out the sliced meat with a spoon. Keep the avocado chunks in a separate container and set aside.
  • Prepare the black olives and beans. You’ll need one can of refried beans and one can of chopped black olives. Open the cans and then set them aside.
  • Prepare the cheese. You may shred the cheese now or you can shred it into the plate of the dip later. You’ll need about 4oz of shredded cheese for this dip.
  • Make the layers. A deep plate is needed for this dip so that the layer will be obvious. Remember that you will not mix all the ingredients. You only need to set every ingredient on every layer to create the seven layers of dip. On the platter, spread the refried beans first and then follow it with the avocado chunks. Pour in the sour cream mixture. Spread this out and then top it with onions, olives, shredded cheese, and tomatoes. The Seven Layer Mexican Dip is ready to be served.
  • Serve with your favorite Mexican snack. This recipe is great served with some tortilla chips, Doritos, or nachos.

Also, the measurement used in this recipe is not that strict. You may add more cheese or sour cream or you may reduce the olives or onions. It depends upon your taste and how much you will want for every ingredient. The point is you should have seven ingredients to make the seven layers of dip.

Try using other ingredients besides the ones mentioned above. For instance, you may take out the avocados and bring in shredded lettuce. You may also remove onions and instead add garlic or chili. Anything Mexican can be included in the seven layers of dip. As long as you use only seven ingredients, it can still be called a Seven Layer Mexican Dip.


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