How To Make Sour Milk

Sour milk is an important ingredient in many stews, casseroles, and even pastries. Although sour milk is not palatable by itself, it goes well with a wide variety of dishes and adds just the right tang and sourness while maintaining the creaminess and richness of the dish. The problem, however, is that sour milk is not carried by all grocery stores and supermarkets. If there is no sour milk in the market, here’s how you can make your very own.

  • Prepare the milk. First of all, you need to get the right amount of full cream, fresh milk. Check out any milk isle in the grocery store and you will find a wide variety of milk products, ranging from low fat milk, non fat milk, full cream milk, and many others. Choose fresh full cream and full fat milk. Real milk with as little processing as possible should always be used for cooking, because the fat in the milk is necessary in enriching the dishes. If you are using cold milk, you need to let it warm up to room temperature.
  • Add the sours. Now that you have your milk and once your milk has already reached room temperature, the next step is to add in the acid component of the sour milk. Basically, you can use plain old white vinegar, or strong citrus juices such as lemon juice. The only rule that you need to remember when it comes to making sour cream is that each cup of milk should be combined with one full tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar. This means that you will need three tablespoons of vinegar if you are making three cups of sour milk. If you need two and a half cups of sour milk, add in two and a half spoonfuls of vinegar or lemon juice.
  • Stir the milk. Once you place the vinegar in the milk, you will notice that the milk will begin to ‘spoil’ or to curdle. This is natural and is necessary for sour milk. To hasten the curdling process, simply use a spoon to stir in the lemon juice or the vinegar into the milk, so that the acid is dispersed and the curdling process starts immediately.
  • Usage. Now, you can add your sour milk to whatever recipes you are making. Just make sure that you do not let the sour milk stand for too long. Sour milk should not be refrigerated as much as possible. Instead of making large batches of sour milk, simply combine as much as you need at any given time. After using up all of the sour milk that you have made, simply make a new batch if you need some more. This way, the sour milk will not spoil. Remember that sour milk will spoil very quickly because the acid has broken down the milk proteins, which means that it is easier for bacteria to grow in the milk.

With these steps, you should be able to easily create your own sour milk. Making your own sour milk is not only a cheaper alternative to buying canned or boxed sour milk, but also ensures that the sour milk that you are using is fresh.


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