How To Make Spanish Beef Stew

In this day and age, there are plenty of different recipes and dishes you can whet your appetite with, though with the creation of more complex and powerfully subtle dishes, people often find themselves craving the more simple meals. These classical dishes are all easy to make, and are very wholesome and delicious—they work well as meals on their own, or if you are eating a small serving, then appetizers that complement other dishes. One such dish is beef stew. As was stated above, beef stew is very simple to make and at the same time, fills the stomach and leaves you satisfied, which has actually become a rarity in gourmet meals. They tend to concentrate more on the quality and ignore the amount.

Truth be told beef stew may not be as extravagant or as delicious as other, more specialized dishes, but just like other classical meals of its kind, it gets the job done (and that job is to leave you full and satisfied). However, that does not mean that beef stew is a completely boring meal. In fact, because it is a classic, there are different variations of it all around the world—although this article focuses on the Spanish take on beef stew. Just like the original meal, Spanish beef stew is not difficult to make, and it has a truly distinct taste despite it being beef stew (at least compared to its other variations). If you wish to try making this kind of delicious dish for yourself, then continue reading and follow the step-by-step process provided by this article below:

  • Collect all the necessary ingredients for your Spanish beef stew. These would include a hearty package of stew beef chunks, some olive oil, a pot, a box of Emeril’s beef stock, a diced up stick of celery, three small carrots, two potatoes (make sure to peel and dice them up), a small can of Hunt’s tomato sauce, two packets of Sazon Goya, one dry tablespoon of Adobo, a tablespoon of Goya Recaito, and one teaspoon of garlic powder. Once you have gathered everything you need, then you can begin.
  • Prepare the beef as well as the stock for the stew. Begin by opening up your package of beef chunks and rinsing it in some cold water. Afterwards, brown the chunks using your pot and some olive oil (do not overcook it, five minutes should do). As you do this, add in your Goya Recaito and make sure to spread it evenly by stirring. After about a minute of this, you can now add most of the rest. Open up your package of stock and pour about half of it in your pot of beef chunks. At the same time, throw in your tomato paste, your Adobo and your Sazon (this is what will give it that distinct Spanish taste).
  • Add in what is left of the ingredients in your pot and put to a boil. Pretty much everything else that you have not used, you can add to the pot now. This includes your potatoes, the celery as well as the carrots. Finally, simply cover the pot and let it boil for a while (about an hour or so) before serving.

And there you have it—a Spanish style beef stew that is sure not to disappoint.


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