How To Make Tea Bag Favors

If you are planning a party or celebration, you can make your own party favors to save some money. One of the things that you can prepare are tea bag party favors. These are really easy to make and are good for bridal showers, baby showers or any other special celebration. All you need are a few materials to get you started. Learn how to make tea bag favors by reading the instructions provided below.

  • Materials to prepare. The materials that you need for tea bag party favors are a hole puncher, ribbons, pen, gift cards, confetti, different flavors of tea bags, honey sticks, sugar cubes and sachet bags. You can purchase some sachet bags for a low price on the website Save on Crafts.
  • Purchase the materials that you want. The honey sticks and sugar cubes are just some of the things that you can add inside the tea bag party favor. You can add anything that you like such as candies, chocolates, silver antique spoons, floating candles, fancy jewelry and many more. You can use the theme of your party as a guide for the things that you will put inside the sachet bags.
  • Prepare the gift cards. Write down a short thank you note on each of the gift cards. You can also write down something witty on the card that has something to do with the celebration. After writing down on the gift cards, use the hole puncher to put a hole on the corner of each card. If using a folding card, close the card and punch on the corner where the fold is.
  • Add the items inside. Prepare your items on a table. When you do this, group the same items together. This way, you can keep track of the items that you have already put inside the sachet bag and not double any items. Place one piece of each of the items that you have in the bag. If you are using confetti, add the confetti in the bag first before placing the items inside. Afterwards, pull the string of the sachet bags to tighten the sachet.
  • Finish the tea bag favors. The last step is to tie the gift cards on the tea bag favors. Cut the ribbon into smaller pieces. Make sure they are long enough to tie around the sachet bag. Insert one end of the ribbon through the hole on the gift card and then tie it around the sachet bag. Do this with all of the tea bag party favors.

These are the easy steps to follow if you want to prepare tea bag favors for a special occasion. If you are using candies or chocolates, prepare the party favors a few hours or a day before the event so that they will not melt. Use your creativity and think of other things that you can place inside the sachet bag. Your guests will surely appreciate the effort that you put in making the party favors for them.


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