How To Make Thai Spicy Seafood Soup

All countries have their native recipes. When traveling to different countries, aside from the places to see, the native foods are what interest tourists. Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South East Asia. Bangkok is its capital and the largest city of the country, which is the center of commercial and cultural activities. Thai cuisine is a must try if you are visiting the country especially if you love spicy foods. Most Thai foods are spicy. Their foods are known to have fundamental tastes such as spicy, salty, sweet, sour and bitter. Their foods are also aromatic. You will not only love the taste but the smell as well. Even if you’re not traveling to Thailand, you can have a taste of Thailand’s famous cuisine. You can try making Thai spicy seafood soup. You can serve this during dinner for your family to share.

Here are the steps on how to make Thai spicy seafood soup.

  • Prepare the ingredients in making Thai spicy seafood soup. The ingredients that you will need for this recipe are kaffir (5, with leaves torn), cleaned and skinned sea bass (50 grams), cleaned mussels (50 grams), water (2 cups), lime juice (2 ½ tablespoon), red chili, lemongrass (1 stalk), shrimp (50 grams), salt, galangal (3 slices), green birds eye chilies (3), red birds eye chilies (3), Thai fish sauce (2 ½ tablespoon), cleaned crab (50 grams), sweet basil leaves (1/4 cup) and squid (50 grams).
  • Clean the shrimps. Wash the shrimps on running water. Once these are clean, remove the shells and the heads as well. Do not remove the tails of the shrimps.
  • Boil water. Get a saucepan. It should be big enough to contain all ingredients. Put 2 cups of water on the saucepan and let this boil. You can also use chicken stock to make it more flavorful.
  • Prepare the serving bowl. While waiting for the water to boil, get your serving bowl that you will use for the soup. On the bowl, add green birds eye chilies (3), red birds eye chilies (3), Thai fish sauce (2 ½ tablespoon) and lime juice (2 ½ tablespoon). Set this aside.
  • Add ingredients. Once the water is boiling, put galangal (3 slices), lime leaves and lemongrass on saucepan. The lemongrass should be cut into pieces about 2 inches. Once you smell the aroma of the ingredients you added, you can now add skinned sea bass (50 grams), cleaned mussels (50 grams), cleaned crab (50 grams) and squid (50 grams). Squid should be cut into small pieces. Do not stir the ingredients to prevent this recipe from smelling like fish. Once the ingredients change color, you can now add the shrimps. The shrimps are added last because these cook fast than the other seafood.
  • Once the shrimps change color, you can now add sweet basil leaves. This will only take a few minutes. Gently swirl the ingredients and turn off the stove. Pour the content of the saucepan to the serving bowl that you prepared earlier. Mix the ingredients on the serving bowl. Cut the dried chili into small pieces and put on top of the soup with sweet basil.

You can now serve your Thai spicy seafood soup on the dinner table. This soup will give you warmth if temperature is cold.


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