How To Make the Best Baked Buffalo Wings

The original Buffalo Wings were invented by Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York. It was just an accident that turned out so well that almost everyone kept on asking for the hot wings. The original recipe is simple—fry the chicken wings without any breading and then throw them in a butter-hot-sauce mixture. The problem is that chicken already has a lot of fats. Why fry them, still? Better bake them and have Baked Buffalo Wings. The recipe is simple. Just follow the steps below and taste the baked version’s difference:

  • Cook the chicken wings. Half fill a big pot with water. Throw in one pound of chicken wings, one tablespoon of cayenne pepper, one teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes, and one tablespoon salt. Bring to boil and once boiling, let the mixture boil for about 15 minutes. Remove from fire.
  • Preheat the oven in high temperature. It should be at least 300oF. The oven will “fry” the chicken wings and make them crispy.
  • Coat an oven-safe container with cooking spray. Transfer the chicken wings on the container. Do not include the water, though.
  • Start cooking the chicken wings. Put the container in the oven and cook the chicken for about 15 minutes or until the skin is brown and crispy. Turn the wings to the other side and bake them again for another 15 minutes or until your desired crispiness is achieved.
  • Combine the sauce while waiting for the chicken. Combine half cup of hot sauce and one tablespoon of margarine in a microwave-safe container. Put the container in the microwave and melt the sauce. Alternatively, you can mix the margarine and hot sauce in a pan. Another way to do this is by melting the margarine first and then combining the hot sauce. Cooking sauce, on the other hand, will make it thicker. Again, decide what you’ll do based on your preference.
  • Combine the sauce to the chicken wings. You can either transfer the chicken wings to the sauce or put the sauce in the chicken wings’ container. Shake them up so that the sauce will be evenly distributed. Your Baked Buffalo Wings is ready to be served. Put the hot wings in a nice plating and enjoy.

Try other versions of this recipe, too, if the above recipe does not seem to be the very best for you.

One version is done by marinating the chicken wings in butter and hot sauce for one hour. You can add similar spices used for the above recipe if you want to, as long as you don’t add water into the mixture. Keep the chicken wings soaked in the sauce for an hour before baking the wings. The baking part will be longer for this since the chicken wing will be marinated raw. This would result to the hot sauce penetrating down to the bones. The skin will also turn crispy and golden brown.

Another version uses the same recipe as what is detailed in this article. The only difference is that the chicken wings were coated with flour before putting them in the oven. The flour will give a good crust for the wings. However, the sauce will not penetrate that well.

Continue experimenting on Baked Buffalo Wings. Try more herbs and spices. Use different methods and add more techniques. Like the Anchor Bar, you might just discover a new local favorite by accident.


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