How To Make the Chocolate Rum Mixed Drink

Chocolate rum has always been a favorite to most of us. Preparing this kind of drink is easy and you'd have to make sure that it will have an excellent taste, something that has a subtle effect on drinkers. Make your party worth remembering by putting magic into your drink as you make chocolate the teasing flavor for your rum. If you want to treat your friends with something unique, try doing this at home and your friends will surely crave for more without realizing that they had too much of it. Enjoy the procedure and the fun!

Here's how to make a chocolate rum mixed drink:

  • Prepare the ingredients. The ingredients are simple. Prepare your ice cubes, rum, and crème de Cacao. If you want to make your rum taste like mint, you can always include a half shot of crème de menthe. There are some drinkers who do not prefer the minty taste of their chocolate rum so crème de menthe is just optional. One advantage of crème de menthe though is that it makes your drinker taste just the mint and not the appalling taste of the rum.
  • Put ice cubes in a glass. Do not fill the glass completely as you will need the spare space for your rum and chocolate. Fill at least 3/4 of the glass with ice cubes and do not allow your ice to completely melt. After you have put the ice cubes in the glass, add the other ingredients right away.
  • Add in your rum. Put one shot of your light rum preferably a Bacardi 151 rum as it has 75.5% of alcohol content. The usual rum is too light and only has 35 - 45% alcohol compared to the 151 rum.
  • Put chocolate into your glass. Just half a shot of crème de Cacao would be enough for your mixture or you can also use Godiva's chocolate liqueur to make your concoction taste even better. Godiva Chocolatier Inc. is the manufacturer of the world's most delicious chocolates and their chocolate liqueur is best for your drink.
  • Add crème de menthe. Crème de menthe will make your drink taste like mint; however, this ingredient is optional depending if the drinkers want the minty taste. By adding just half a shot of this ingredient can add the taste to your concoction.
  • Mix the ingredients. Now use your mixing tactics. Mixing your drink following your mixing technique is just one way to make sure that you are getting the desired taste of your rum. Shake the glass carefully and the liquid should melt your ice cubes making your drink extra cold that when it’s ready, the drinker wouldn’t taste the rum but the cold, minty chocolate flavor. When you mix the ingredients well, you make the taste of the rum less noticeable.
  • Pour your mixture in a glass. Now that you have mixed all the ingredients, your concoction is ready for everyone. Pour it in your drinking glass and you should have a cool cocktail to blend with your cool guests.


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