How To Make the Razzmatazz Mixed Drink

If you are looking for a drink that can get you through the night, you can consider making a perfect Razzmatazz mixed drink. Razzmatazz is an alcoholic coffee drink that can warm you on a cold stormy night and relax you after dinner. This one is super easy to prepare. This article will teach you how.

  • Prepare everything you will need. For a cup of Razzmatazz, you need one ounce blackberry liqueur, ½ ounce coffee liqueur, ½ ounce Crème de Cassis, and a cup of coffee. Make sure to prepare the coffee ahead of time. Don’t add any sweetener, as this can potentially alter the flavor of your Razzmatazz.
  • Prepare your glass. Razzmatazz is ideally served in an Irish cup. But if this is not available, you can instead use a highball glass or whatever glass you desire to use. Just make sure to clean your glass very well. Otherwise, your Razzmatazz will have a very weird taste.
  • Start to mix. If everything is ready, put the liqueurs into your glass one by one. Start with the blackberry liqueur. Follow it up with Crème de Cassis and then coffee liqueur. And finally, add the cup of coffee. Stir the drink to blend all the ingredients well.
  • Layer the drink with whipped cream. Whipped cream is a standard garnish for any alcoholic coffee drink. If you are going to use this, start putting whipped cream at the wall of the glass, then rotate your glass so you can make a swirling pattern. Make sure to make a pretty solid base; otherwise, your whipped cream will plop down at the center. After completing the peak, top the whipped cream with a cherry. You can also use berry if you like.
  • Consider using other garnishes. Remember that the whipped and cherry combination is only one of the many options for garnishing. If you prefer, you can also use drink umbrellas or paper flowers. You can add other garnishes if you are extra creative.
  • Add ice. Razzmatazz can be enjoyed as it is, but if you want it a little cold, consider adding some ice. Ice cubes and crushed ice will both work. Also, make sure that the liqueurs are all pre-chilled before mixing them together.
  • Use an alternative blackberry ingredient. Aside from blackberry liqueur, you can also make use of blackberry schnapps. The same proportion applies. If, however, you want to modify the taste of your Razzmatazz, you can change the proportions of all the ingredients. Make sure to also modify the proportions according to the size of your glass.

This mixed drink will have relatively low alcohol content, especially since liqueurs have lower alcohol concentration, usually 15 to 30%. There are some liqueurs, however, that have as much as 50%. If you use those kinds of liqueur, it goes without saying that your Razzmatazz will have a higher alcohol concentration. In this case, you need to use less alcoholic ingredients and tone down your drinking. Also, remember to consume only one cup of Razzmatazz. One cup can already be intoxicating.


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